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Title: The Pull List
Post by: DMD on June 08, 2014, 12:34:26 AM
Starting over from scratch, or at least until the old forums come back, when or if they do!
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: DMD on June 08, 2014, 01:03:29 AM
Just to cover what I read recently, ongoing , big events, and new books

Original Sin 3 of 8

It's a decent "who done it " with a whacky main cast of b or c list characters thrown together in odd pairings and teams, both the heroes and the villians, but over all while well if not great writing and above average art with a one big twist so far it's moving a little slow for me, and honestly so far most if not all of the big"sins" don't feel all that big for the characters they involve.

I mean, for someone like Thor who's faced the end of everything more times than he can shake his hammer at, is finding out  he has a sister his father never told him about all that big compared to some of the other things Odin has laid on him over the years?  The same with Spiderman finding out the spider bit someone else, are these things even anything or them to feel fault or shame about?

Over at DC you have Future's End and Batman Eternal.

Future's End is struggling in the first 4 issues, the cast and various plots are all over the place and just not moving along very well or fast so far. And the cast for the most part are characters and ideas from failed and canceled books that didn't go over the first time on their own. And it's all set five years in the future in a possible future. It might get better , it needs to.

Batman Eternal is better, it's a decent of slow moving story about yet another gang war and growing supernatural threat all built around the framing of Jim Gordon and the turning of the police against Batman. In other words, nothing new. Who knows, it might be before it's over but so far it's just ok, not great.

Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Aran on June 12, 2014, 04:38:45 PM
I'm loving the new Iron Fist and Moon Knight runs. Those are definitely welcome additions to my list. I picked up the first three issues of Iron Patriot. I don't really know what to think. I want to like it, but I don't think I'm going to.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: DMD on June 12, 2014, 10:11:25 PM
I like Iron Fist but Moonknight is just all over the place to me, no two issues connect or have anything in common to me. I also LOVE the new Elektra series and Incredible Hulk
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Aran on June 13, 2014, 06:12:28 AM
I'm good with that sort of story design. Hawkeye did this for a while before going into a coherent storyline. I like how fucked up some of the issues are.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: A Turtle on June 14, 2014, 01:03:37 AM
That Samurai Jack running series from IDW is still pretty damn good itself, its one  of the only ongoing series I get by the single issue...

...Also, considering picking up Locke and KEy since I heard REALLY good things from a few reviews.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: DMD on June 14, 2014, 11:01:59 PM
Locke and Key is great, I read it in trade and am waiting for the last one
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: A Turtle on June 15, 2014, 02:50:55 AM
I'll have to check it out then...
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Rom Spaceknight on June 17, 2014, 05:57:21 PM
I'm super behind on everything, so I'm taking a short break from new comics to read this


One of the best comics of the 80s.

I'm loving the new Iron Fist and Moon Knight runs. Those are definitely welcome additions to my list. I picked up the first three issues of Iron Patriot. I don't really know what to think. I want to like it, but I don't think I'm going to.

You're gonna have to drop Moon Knight soon, Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey are leaving and Brian Wood is coming aboard :'(
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Aran on June 19, 2014, 03:50:48 AM
Why would they change writers so quickly on a reboot? Put noteworthy writers on a reboot just to get readers then pull them off after people are hooked?
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Rom Spaceknight on June 19, 2014, 04:03:28 AM
Why would they change writers so quickly on a reboot? Put noteworthy writers on a reboot just to get readers then pull them off after people are hooked?

Because Warren Ellis doesn't stay on corporate projects very long, especially when he has a bunch of creator owned stuff coming up. I'm not surprised he's leaving. My problem is that they replaced him with Captain Harassment.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: DMD on July 02, 2014, 10:31:35 PM
This week I enjoyed

Green Lantern - The Uprising crossover between it and Green Lantern Corps has been surprisingly good . Focuses on the GLs and their role as intergalactic policemen/peace keepers while evil shape shifting aliens the Duralans try to turn the galaxy against them and gain the power of the Daxams for themselves forever.

Earth 2- The alternate Earth Justice Society has been a good read from the first to the current. Alternate takes on familiar faces is really interesting.

Thor- Just remains my favorite book out there.

Punisher-Suprisingly good .

New Warriors- My favorite out of the last wave of Now from Marvel, it's everything a teen-tween superhero team book should be.

Biggest disappointment was Original Sin, this thing started off cool and went nowhere , another " Nick Fury is doing stuff no one else knows about "story. I've stuck with it for 5 of 8 issues so I'll ride it out but it's hard to believe Arron writes this and Thor.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: topazthespaz on July 03, 2014, 12:05:23 PM

Fairly impressive comic collection through humble bundle. Sadly for those fans of having the actual copies they are all Ebooks only. Still a few good reads int here, me personally I'm excited about the Green hornet books since I've been wanting to get my hands on that for a quite a bit now.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: DMD on July 24, 2014, 12:30:41 AM
I just finished Batman-Zero Year today. As much as I like the Riddler as  a character  and as good as the last quarter of the story was, it didn't need to be a 12 issue story arc.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: A Turtle on July 24, 2014, 12:33:54 AM
Anyone had a chance to read Southern Bastards? I got the first two but I'm..just curious.

Also, outside of Li'l Gotham and Marvel Now!'s Deadpool, havent been able to pick up much (and even the stuff I mentioned was from a while ago), I need monies for things x_X
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: topazthespaz on August 02, 2014, 07:32:42 AM (For those transformers fans out there, and for Walking dead fans
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: DMD on September 03, 2014, 10:27:55 PM
Finished Original Sin, and while I like Aaron on Thor this might be one of the most drawn out and fairly pointless "event" stories I've ever read. Just no real payoff to me.

Future's End month has started over in DC, with each book jumping five years into the future for one issue, and in the first week I'd say of the 12 I read of them where pretty darned good, Phantom Stranger, Grayson and Action Comics being the not so good. Grayson was just a dud , it was a blatent "this is how it will not happen" you don't for a second believe it will play out like that, Stranger was just a beat goes on story more or less, and my problem with Action was it seemed to portray Superman really out of character as a quitter and feeling sorry for himself while others suffer due to his lack of effort .
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Darth Ragerade on September 07, 2014, 03:03:52 PM
The fact that Nightwing is no more and that he's now a secret agent since his Dick Grayson identity has been outed, which thanks to the New 52 means that Bruce Wayne is safe for odd reasons even though at the beginning of New 52 they were all taking a portrait together, still feels off to me.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: DMD on September 09, 2014, 12:10:01 AM
Well, honestly in the New 52 I think secret identities in general are a little better known ,it seems like more people know all the hero's than in the old days. Gordon has hinted at least that he knows about most of Gothams including Bruce and his own daughter Barbra being Batgirl, so has Bullock. Hush, the Joker and Lex Luthor have figured it out. Flash's girl friend knows, Lois Lane and Lana Lang both know Clark is Superman. Just to name few. I think the only reason Bruce's hasn't been publicly outted by anyone is lack of actual proof.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: DMD on November 14, 2014, 08:46:55 PM
Comics are getting better again, strangely enough to me it seems that some sort of cycle ended or began seeing as some books that where bad are suddenly good again, while some that where great seems to have cooled off.

Events in general seem better lately. Over at DC you have the weeklies, Future's End, Batman Eternal all three of which are pretty entertaining. Future's End took a while to come around but now that all the pieces are coming together it's pretty interesting, Batman Eternal has been good to great from the world go. World's End is a bit on the dark and grim side, the bad guys are kicking ass hard core but at least the art and action are exciting to me.

They also have Godshead, the crossover between the Lantern books and the New Gods might be the best crossover there since the Sinestro Wars .

Over at Marvel, Axis is the best big event in years, it moves fast and has plenty of real time action instead of standing around talking and flash backs . Will it matter after it ends or just be over shadowed if not erased by the next big event like so many in the past?

And both DC and Marvel seem to have something HUGE lined up for the coming summer. With DC it's Convergence where we will see the old DC and New 52 as well as other continuities and time line all come together. At Marvel, it's Secret Wars , apparently something as company wide as the New 52 was for DC.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: DMD on November 14, 2014, 08:49:19 PM
Oh, and Scalped. I'm up to the fifth trade in this old Vertigo series by Jason Aron, a crime noir story set on a Reservation. Be warned, it is Dark, Grity, and very very violent and adult themed but it might be as good or better than anything in the comic noir arena I've ever read, as good as Fatale, The Fade Out or even Criminal.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: DMD on January 28, 2015, 06:07:08 AM

So, the new big thing is the upcoming Marvel Event, called Secret Wars.

In one breath they tell us it's the death of the Marvel Universe and in the next breath, swear it isn't a reboot.  But if you read the articles and interviews, the latter of which is an exercise and lesson in how to be vague and not actually reveal anything concrete, the more they say it isn't a reboot......the more it sounds like a reboot.

I won't clutter this up with a billion links to all the articles and interviews, those are easily found on comic and pop culture sites for everyone, but I am interested to know what other comic fans think.

Over at DC the summer event Convergence seems very similar, when all timelines and alternate continuities get collected in one place at one time  and meshed together before they come out the other side.Is this another big reboot from DC, possibly combining the best of pre and post New 52 into a hybrid, or just a soft fix to some of the issues the New 52 seems to have suffered continuity wise?
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: DMD on July 01, 2015, 08:42:32 PM
So, I got the free preview from Marvel for their "Not a reboot just starting all the books over different with new 1st issues)) today.
shall I go down the list?

Invincible Iron Man-Not a huge Bendis fan, and from what the concept art captions tell us, they've turned Ironman into .....a mighty morphin power ranger suit . PASS

A-Force- Not for me, nothing against female characters or books, but this seems like pure gimmick to me.((A lot of these books do for that matter.))PASS.

All New All Different Avengers- Not big on the cast, Thor is the only one I'm a die hard fan of. The others are all pretty so so to me, Vision and Nova I like somewhat . But it is Waid, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt . BITE .

Uncanny Avengers- Like Spidey and Cap, too familiar with the writer or artist . The rest of the line up leaves me cold, but who is the female in front ? PASS .

New Avengers- Not familiar with the creative team again, is that Wican next to Hulkling? Is that Hope with the orange hair?-PASS.

Ultimates- Same writer, who is the girl in the red hood behind Captain Marvel? PASS.

Doctor Strange- Not a huge fan, but I am a huge fan of Aaron's Thor, so this one is a definite . BITE!

Captain Marvel- Not familiar with the writer, not at all interested in the character. PASS

Sam Wilson, Captain America- Not Steve, never Cap to me. I'm fine with Sam as The Falcon but not interested enough for his own book-PASS

The Totally Awesome Hulk. Hulk. Pak. BITE.

The Mighty Thor- Aaron hasn't disappointed me so far with this book, sticking with it, BITE.

Scarlet Witch- Like the character, but Robinson is hit or miss for me as a writer, PASS .

Ms. Marvel- No interest . PASS

Illuminati- No thanks, PASS.

Hawkeye- I like Lemire, not a huge Hawkeye fan, MAYBE.

Antman- No interest in the book , very little in the movie. PASS.

The Vision- Big Vision fan from way back, and Tom King seems ok, BITE.

Contest of Champions- Who the blue hell is Al Ewing, for a guy I can't recall ever seeing or hearing of before he's on a lot of books. Could be an interesting concept, MAYBE.

Amazing Spiderman- Liked Slott's Spiderman so far, not a huge fan of the news/rumors that Peter will be in a mentor role while Miles is in the suit. MAYBE .

Carnage- No thanks. PASS.

Spiderwoman- Nope, PASS.

Spiderman-It is Bendis, it isn't Peter Parker-PASS.

Spider Gwen- I like the character , started to pick up the pre-SW book when I found out a Frank Castle was introduced, decided against it when it got axed for SW. PASS .

Silk- Meh, I can take or leave the character. PASS.

Spiderman 2099- Not a big fan of the character in the past, do like Peter David though......PASS.

Web Warriors-Got enough of this in Spiderverse, and Gwen has her own book for that fix, PASS.

Daredevil- Soule? Daredevil and Gambit? You have my attention sir! BITE.

GotG- I love the team,and now it has the ever lovvin Thing too... I do not love Bendis. .MAYBE

Drax- Hey, it's CM Punk and Cullen Bunn, I HAVE to give it a chance for an issue or two at least, gonna be really good or really bad. BITE.

Howard the Duck. No. A thousand times no. PASS.

Nova - I like the character, MAYBE.

Starlord- As a member of Guardians sure, alone , no. PASS.

Venom-Spaceknight- Like the character,not sure about the concept, PASS.

Howling Commandos of Shield - Holy crap this is the guy who did Half Past Danger right!?!? BITE.

Agents of Shield- Burnt out , if it was Waid style one or two issue arcs with different characters maybe, PASS.

Uncanny Inhumans- Soule is another guy I give the benefit of the doubt. BITE.

Karnak-'s Ellis for at least the first arc or issue or what? Not feeling it PASS.

Angela- No interest . PASS.

Squadron Supreme- Like the characters, Robinson is shaky PASS.

Extrodianary X Men- Never a huge X fan. I do like Lemire. MAYBE.

Uncanny X-Men- Like Bunn a lot, like X books a little, MAYBE.

All New Xmen- Well one thing that isn't all new or all different is the number of X books. With the other two books and writers this is one too many for me. PASS.

Old Man Logan- Lemire, Logan, BITE!

All New Wolverine- not interested enough in the character or the writer.PASS

Deadpool- At least they kept him to one solo book . For now....PASS.

So if my math is right((and it probably isn't )) that's out of a total of 47? books...

Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Errant on July 02, 2015, 01:30:38 AM
Any Marvel/DC/Other Novels/Collections you'd recommend?

Also the last things I've been reading (or intend to read) are the Superb IDW run of Samurai Jack, I've gotten and intend to read the first few issues of Marvels 'Darth Vader' series, and because the premise sounded cool to me (and I like Ultron and have, up until the third part, ALWAYS liked Marvel Zombies) Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies.

Got 'Original Sin' and and 'Axis' Deadpool collections to, havent read 'em yet but looking forward to doing so...

...In short I have a lot to read, shit I havent even mentioned here to!
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: DMD on July 02, 2015, 10:45:09 PM
Some of the best stuff out there right now isn't Marvel or DC

Sixth Gun-Omni Press by Cullen Bunn.

The Fade Out by Image , by Ed Brubaker

Saga- Brian K Vaughn from Image as well

Velvet- Brubaker, Image

Manifest Destiny-from Image

Five Ghosts-Image

And whenever it returns, Half Past Danger

Justice Inc-The Avenger-Mark Waid, from Dynamite

Masks-Also from Dynamite, by Cullen Bunn
John Carter of Mars-Dynamite
Flash Gordon, Prince Valiant, Jungle Jim, Mandrake the Magician, and The Phantom, all from the King imprint , part of Image.

And soon to be added by Dynamite, The Shadow by Cullen Bunn
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Errant on July 02, 2015, 11:38:20 PM
I love Saga, planning to get volume 4 when I aint got a lot of bills. The other stuff I've heard of on and off...And John Carter and Flash Gordon, yeesh, I've read the original book of John Carter and Flash Gordon I've seen the old show and movie!
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: DMD on July 08, 2015, 08:43:35 PM
What I got this week.


Archie #1-Mark Waid and Fiona Staples

Star Trek/Green Lantern-The Spectrum Wars #1


SW-Civil War #1

Red Hood and Arsenal #2
The Omega Men #2
Earth 2 Society #2
Batman #42
Batman and Superman #22
Justice League United #11
Justice League America #2

Reviews to come as I read them a time or two.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Errant on July 19, 2015, 10:40:49 PM
Recently picked up Volume 1 of Marvel Now!'s Silver Surfer Run...Wow, that was a lot of fun to read! I hope more of that is printed beyond volume 2, 'cus I'd be down for that!
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Errant on August 05, 2015, 01:18:46 AM
What I've Read lately:

Locke And Key: 9 out of ten. It got a bit wonky near the end and some things were odd, but great characters, great story, good horror, good premise and it seemed to leave room for possible follow ups or further stories, really.

Thor Volume 2, God Bomb: 8.5 out ten. Actiony, gory, good story, villain was great and art was as well. It seemed a bit rushed and the ending was anti-climatic but...this makes me wish they kept THIS 'Thor', really.

Silver Surfer Volume 2, Worlds Apart: 8.5 out of ten.  I picked up the first on a whim and loved it. Gave volume 2 a go and found it just as satisfying. Funny, serious, good wonky art, good stories, and things you'd never expect with the Surfer...Working with the Surfer. The wonky art can get confusing at times, the story is everywhere but I cant complain to much.

Southern Bastards Volume 2: 9 out of ten. Never thought I'd feel sympathy for the last chapters 'villain'. This book is INCREDIBLY good with character development and story and the art is nice. The only complaint I have is it seems to be going in the 'background to everyone' route before a 'main story' but so long as it is as good as this, I dont care at all!

Saga Volume 4: 9 out of 10. I dont need to explain it. If you know, you know, if dont? Ya dont. Stuffs really good, stuff is a little bad...This comic is Good regardless.

Hawkeye vs Deadpool: 8.5 out of Ten. This is basically a mashup of my two favorite Marvel Now! imprint and to me it delivered. Funny, good art, built on both comics strong points mashed together, its a good read. Downside is...Its the only VOlume! Jokes aside, the story doesnt make a LOT of sense and...IT sort of bothered me how Evil/Sadistic they made Felicia Hardy/Black Cat in this story, nothing to bad though.

Hawk Volume 4, LA Woman: 8.5 out of Ten. Continuing from the third story, this one follows Hawkeyes friend/sidekick Kate as she goes off to LA while Clint Barton is a bit depressed and out of it. The usual things apply to Hawkeye here: good art, good story telling, funny humor and likable characters. In terms of bad, it sort of felt like a one time throw off to the main stories involving Kate and Hawkeye, the main 'evil person' plot feels rushed and barely makes any sense and SOMETIMES when stuff is explained its...confusing.

Things I have but havent read yet:

Marvels Darth Vader 1-7: Still havent, making sure thats the end of the 'mini-series' before going off and reading it.

Animal Man Volume 4-5: Just got them, plan to read them to!

Thor, Collection 2: Refer to Animal Man Volume 4-5

All Star Western Volume 6: NEed 5 first, found six and got it to have it.

Black Science 2-6: Had it for a while, just...havent gotten to it yet.

BPRD, Volume 10: Refer to Animal Man again.

Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies 2: Same as Animal man.

The rest of L'il Gothat: Same as Black Science

Batman, No Man Lands, 2-4: Same as Black Science

What I want to get/read:

East of West Collection 1: Heard good things, just need money for MEGA-BIG collection.

Saga Volume 5: Want it when it comes out!

Hawkeye Volume 5: See Saga!

SIlver Surfer Volume 3: ...See Saga!

The rest of BPRD and sequels: I've been wanting it FOREVER, got most, got all of Hellboy, need this and everything else...While waiting for more Hellboy to eventually come out.

Conan Red Sonja: I love both of these characters, when I heard of a crossover I knew I had to have it, now I need a few bucks to get the collection!

All Star Wester volume 5: To complete and be able to read the rest of the series!

Demon Knights volume 3 (or however many are left): I liked this story, it was fun and cool to me and I've wanted the rest for some time now.

Wonder Woman volume 5-6 (Or Azzerellos run): Honestly, WW new 52, while Brian was on it, is second behind All Star Western for me. Want the last parts as I have heard they're as good as the first four.

The rest of New 52's Swamp Thing: I've not heard a bad thing about this, and I got up to Rot World for the series. Do want!

The rest of Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies: See above, and put it just wanting the rest!

Howard the Duck, Volume 1: After I read the 'roast of Deadpool', I think I can legit get into Marvel Nows! iteration of Howard so I think I'mma give it a go when it comes out.

Thats about it. Any suggestions offhand from anyone?
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Errant on August 29, 2015, 06:58:42 PM
What I've Read lately:

Animal Man 4-5: Got it, read it, loved it just as much as 1-3. Mind you, the story wasnt as epic or far flung as the Rot world arc, it was filled with its great moments of drama, pacing, and action. Also helped the fifth volume had one of my favorite artists in it to! The only things I can complain about is, despite the Arc being 'important' it seemed a bit short for 'its importance', the whole 'lead up to' thing I mentioned while interesting and explaining things SCREAMED of to much Deus Ex Machina and...thats it, really. I'm sad this series only ended on 5 volumes to, really. I felt like with what was done near the end, A LOT more stories, Lemiere involved or not, could have been great, but..Aw well, it was good while it lasted. 9/10

Thor, big collection 2: Continuing after the EPIC God Bomb story, I really liked this collection. The whole 'dark King of the Dark Elves' arc reminded me of a high fantasy type of DnD thing in a good way, the future implications (Though chastised do to 'Lady-Thor') are epic and could've led to great things and the story after was...good despite being a bit confusing. Also, future and past Thor mini-stories were a nice little addition and the art, superb like usual. Downsides I could think of are thanks to the 'change' half of this shit wont even be as great as it could have been. The second arc, involving some demon politically as I confusing and sometimes makes no sense (Really? Thor, the God of lightning and Thunder cant just hammer this fuck in the face?), the inbetween stuff can be a bit confusing to (and basically TELLS you what the fuck is gonna happen, regardless of 'new' stuff or not)  but other then that and other little things? It was great. 9/10

BPRD 10 and Hellboy and the BPRD 1952: Putting them in the same category 'cus the stories basically intercept. BPRD 10 is...basically leading up to the huge thing that anyone who has read the series knows is gonna happen, Apocolyptic war of species involving the occult, science, and monsters all around, while Hellboy and the BPRD is basically a prequel to EVERYTHING involving the Hellboy-verse and its just a fun actiony gory good time on all ends. The faults and advantages go hand and hand here: Mignolia and others works go hand in hand and is great like usual, the dialogue is simple but gets the point across like the other stories involving all this, action is action and is good and the build up to future tidings is as good as it has ever been! The bad I can think of is, well, if you havent read a good chunk or Most of the other stuff correlating with these stories, you might be lost, for some reason Hellboys thing was two bucks MORE then BPRD despite being the same in terms of issues gathered and amongst other tid bits, the pacing is slow! Would still recommend, especially Hellboy as its a prequel to most things!. 8.5/10 for both.

Conan Red Sonja: So I did pick this up and it was as fun and bloody as I thought it was. Basically this one particular story revolves around an inter-dimensional plant being gathered by Thoh Amon, and evil Sorcerer of Conan and Sonjas land put it bluntly he spreads it when getting it, it kills/absorbs people via spam spreading and blood draining, Conan and Sonja team up over the years of their lives to stop him. Its fun, its actiony, the characters are awesome and its bloody. Theres not much more be said, its just a good fun crossover that, considering they are BOTH in the same world, both 'heroes' should do more often, especially with the writers. The only downside is, personally for me, while ALL this was happening in the story the phrase 'JUST FUCK ALREADY!!!' never left my mind while reading it...neither did the scorn when they teased it like, ten times and it almost happened but DIDNT. Regardless, good read, good art, good mini-story, looking forward to seeing more, possibly! 9/10

All Star Western, Volume 5: So I just got this in an order from Amazon. Still as great as 1-4, the character development, art, and overall branching story (as ludicrous as a Cowboy in modern times can sound) is good, and somehow adding brief showings of Constantine, Swamp Thing, AND Superman (along with cameos by Bruce Wayne/Batman) actually added to the story rather then derail and detract from it. I cant really complain much about this series, reading this volume reminded me why its my number one in terms of New 52 stories and...I'm just sad to see it go really. The only complaint I have personally is the art seems to change time to time and makes it confusing but other then that, Western fan or not, it is a really good read.

Swamp Thing volume 4: Continuing from Rot world, the lack of Scott Snyder in this volume does not mean its disappointing at all. The arts still great, the stories and new enemies/intrigue and while I could of done without the Anton Arcane thing (because I already had the fucking Single issue during the 'Villains' month thing from a while ago), it was still great and shows to me why Swamp thing was my number 3 of new 52 titles. 9/10

Scalped 1, Indian Country: So I remember vaguely hearing good things about this in one of the comic stores I went to A LONG time ago. IT helps it is in the Vertigo print to which is just an awesome Comic producer so naturally, when I saw it was on sale at a local book place for 5 bucks I gave it a shot. It was worth it, long story short. So far, from what I read, its going a 'modern Cowboy/western' tale of violence sex and 'drugs' and revolves around an Indian reservation. Good book, good read, hope more of it winds up at that story! 8.5/10

Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies 2: Fun, bloody, actiony and a mini-story that makes sense yet does not delude from the pacing. Art is good, dialogue is to, and outside of being (and having tones) of a mini series and...Magneto of the Zombie-Verse still being alive (if you've read Marvel Zombies, you'll understand why this is odd) its a good fun little read. 8/10

Things I have but havent read yet:

Age of Ultron vs Marvel Zombies 3: Just got it, gonna read soon.

Superior SpiderMan, Big Volume 2-3: I just got both volumes and to be honest, Doc Ock was the BEST fricken thing to happen to Spider Man in YEARS. Fuck modern day Peter Parker, long live Superior Spider Man!!!!

East West, Big Volume 1: ...Again, see above, heard good things, just got it plant o read it soon.

BPRD Volume 11-12: Just got them, plan to read them soon...even if there are more volumes and the whole '40's era' series to go with it.

Star Wars, Darth Vader: 1-8: I dont know why, I dont know how, but I keep getting these but havent read them yet. I should I know but...Bah!

Wonder Woman 5-6: Brian Azzerallo Run. Just got them, I guess plotting the day/time to read them, as weird as that sounds.

Swamp Thing 5-7: I actuall got 5-6 when I got 4 (and seven doesnt come out for a while), just havent had a chance to read them yet.

Blankets: I've seen this thick 'Self Styles Graphic Novel' around for a while and I saw it for cheap on a bargain book store. Picked it up for the hey and decided to give it a whirl when I have the energy to.

All Star Wester Volume 6: Plan to read it soon, just wanted to read 5 first. Glad I did!

Li'l Gotham and No mans Land and Black Science 2-6: Same as before, just waiting for the right mindset and time and what have you!

Deadpool kills Deadpool and Deadpool vs Carnage: I love me anything Marvel Now! Related deadpool, and I got both of these for cheap/on sale. Plan to read soon!

The Punisher MAX, as by Jason Aaron: I just ordered this, waiting for it to arrive. Its gonna be good, just by the 'universe' and I trust Aaron with this kinda shit, despite having to fill Garth Ennis' shoes.

What I want to get/read:

The Annihilation and Annihilation Conquest Ominbus': Heard good things about this particular Marvel drama, and the only thing stopping me from getting them is lack of money. When I do though, plant to get 'em both!

Fury, MAX: Set in the same world where Punisher MAX takes place, only with Fury? By Garth Ennis? Gimme gimme gimme!

Marvel Now! Hawkeye, Volume 4: Its out, need to find it or order it. Will get it regardless sometime.

Underwater Welder: I heard of this little book, saw it in store and...just havent gotten it yet. Seems interesting!

Anything I have mentione dbefore but wasnt on the 'review' or 'Got it, havent read it' yet: Yadda yadda, reason and title explains itself, ya?

Top 10's: So I like lists, I like comics. Some of these may be repeats (That have been altered due to time) some might be new, but I just wanna add a flair, so to start off with something EVERYONE knows (and without further excessive explanation, just the things!):

Top 10 versions of Batman:

1. Batman the Animated Series, season 1-3
2. Azrael Batman (Knightfall)
3. General known/moder comic Storyling Batman
4. Animated Batman from season 4, Justice League, et el
5. Frank Millers Batman, pre Dark Knight strikes again/All Star Batman
6. First through seventies version of batman
7. Batman Beyond
8. Arkham game series Batman
9. Dick Grayson/Nightwing Batman
10. Batman the Brave and the bold
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Moondog on August 29, 2015, 07:03:22 PM
hold the fuck up, there's a Garth Ennis: Fury MAX?

Jesus christ. Give it to me. Immediately.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Errant on August 29, 2015, 07:08:06 PM >>There ya go.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Moondog on August 30, 2015, 07:10:54 AM
It will be mine.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Errant on August 30, 2015, 07:42:00 PM
Go get it, and bask in a Nick Fury that would make Samuel Jackson-Fury cry like a little bitch!!!!
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: DMD on October 07, 2015, 09:24:13 PM
The first of the post Secret Wars Marvel stuff came out today.
((despite SWs still having three issues to g0....))

I got Dr. Strange, Iron Man and Spiderman.

Strange was strange, kind of a mix of modern comics and the old Kirbyesque out there stuff that the Dr used to be. I wasn't much on the art but I liked it enough to keep reading.

Ironman was typical Bendis , not a lot happened . Take entire pages with over sized panels to show something as simple as someone walking in a building, I felt like I was reading DBZ. The last page was kind of cool, but not sure I'll stick with it .

Spiderman was the best of the bunch. Slott gets the character better than anyone else has in thirty years. Defiantly sticking with this one.

The one thing I didn't understand, as Marvel announced an eight month gap between the end of the SW event and the first issues, but none of them so much as mentioned anything about SW other than a couple characters from it showing up in them.

Batman and Robin Eternal started today as well, the second weekly series in the Eternal title. Looks pretty good so far, even if it is the tired old "Batman has dark secrets from everybody". Sticking with it
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: DMD on February 19, 2016, 08:51:02 PM
Well here we go again....
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Errant on February 19, 2016, 09:46:52 PM
...I'll do what I did with New 52 and Marvel Now! wait for reviews and see what sounds/is good...Maybe pick up a title or two that hits me.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: DMD on February 20, 2016, 07:37:28 PM
Yeah. I do notice it seems DC is doing almost the opposite of Marvel this time around.

Marvel- As many if not more books than ever, with a lot of them focusing on characters or entire teams that usually wouldn't get their own book.

DC- Seems to be getting back the basics with fewer books and sticking to the core characters and titles for the most part with a couple exceptions.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Errant on February 20, 2016, 07:40:11 PM
Huh, well both came out with good series in each time, along with shitty ones.

Gonna wait and see, like I said...maybe pick up some old ones. I got Death in the Family Recently, contemplating getting 'under the Red Hood' to complete it and read one after the other.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: DMD on March 29, 2016, 08:20:22 PM
I think maybe I have found a new way to generate interest in this thread maybe possibly who knows

That link takes you to a list of all the Rebirth stuff from DC in June. Discuss!

This link will take you to a list of all the books coming out this Wesnday Discuss!

And last but not list, a link to a list for all the comic movies scheduled out through 2020! Discuss!
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Errant on March 30, 2016, 02:46:10 PM
Meh, so long as I get my Invader Zim, Darth Vader, and occasional one offs (like the six issua Ice King thing, and the one-off of the Teenage mutant ninja turtles), all will be well.

Not very interested in the rebirth thing. I'll do what I did with New 52; waitt o see what comes out, wait for a few reviews, then go from there.

As to movies: So long as they dont fuck up the Captain Marvel/Shazam movie, and Deadpool 2 comes sooner then later,  will be content. Most everything else, Meh about.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Fenris on March 31, 2016, 12:23:06 PM
I have mixed feelings about Rebirth. On one hand, I think DC should stick with the N52, they have only had it for a few years, and with some work it could be really refined and pretty tight.

On the other hand... There is the slightest hope that Rebirth will correct some really stupid issues. (Like Geoffr- I mean Damien Wayne.)

The BMTMNT Crossover is pretty awesome though.

Also I'm glad Bruce Wayne is back as Batman, and Jim-Gordon is Commissioner Gordon again. I do think Gregg and Snyder are pretty damn good, but they keep rehashing the same "high-stakes" again and again with all these "Gotham must be destroyed" Arcs and its kinda jumped the shark a bit though.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Rom Spaceknight on March 31, 2016, 08:23:14 PM
As to movies: So long as they dont fuck up the Captain Marvel/Shazam movie

With how much Snyder hates Superman, you don't think he hates Captain Marvel more?
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Fenris on March 31, 2016, 10:05:31 PM
As to movies: So long as they dont fuck up the Captain Marvel/Shazam movie

With how much Snyder hates Superman, you don't think he hates Captain Marvel more?

Now now... Snyder doesn't hate Superman. Batman just had to teach him what it means to be a man...
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Errant on April 02, 2016, 12:17:37 AM
...Snyder is directing Captain Marvel/Shazam?
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Rom Spaceknight on April 03, 2016, 08:54:45 PM
...Snyder is directing Captain Marvel/Shazam?

For the foreseeable future, he's the guiding hand in DC's films.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Errant on April 03, 2016, 10:37:47 PM

...Seriously, no.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Errant on May 31, 2016, 07:23:42 PM
Soooo...Theres this LITTLE comic convention I am going to attend for four days this week. I have a list of things I actually plan to get, I have...quite a bit of money stashed and well, for the hey of it; anyone got any suggestions for things I should think of getting? Old Comics, figures, etc?
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Rom Spaceknight on May 31, 2016, 08:24:01 PM
Soooo...Theres this LITTLE comic convention I am going to attend for four days this week. I have a list of things I actually plan to get, I have...quite a bit of money stashed and well, for the hey of it; anyone got any suggestions for things I should think of getting? Old Comics, figures, etc?

Get a taser because you're gonna need it at SDCC
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Errant on June 01, 2016, 07:50:14 PM
Oh I wish Iwas going there. Its more along the lines of Arizonas annual comi-con, not Sand Diego.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Rom Spaceknight on June 01, 2016, 10:27:21 PM
Oh I wish Iwas going there. Its more along the lines of Arizonas annual comi-con, not Sand Diego.

Link me so I can see the guest list and suggest stuff to pick up based on that
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Errant on June 02, 2016, 01:32:04 AM >>Belated, but there ya go.

Top three Items on my personal list are: First Appearance of Ultron, Lizard, and The Punisher. Along with a few little things but I figured I'd ask around and get opinions to!
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Errant on June 05, 2016, 05:27:29 PM
So I got back from the convention AND, outside of signed things and sketches I managed to get;

Avengers 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 54, and 55. The first 6 are somethings I've been meaning to get, the first ten Avengers issues while the other two are the first appearance(s) of Ultron.

All Star Western 10, Jonah Hexes first appearance

Batman 131, first appearance of Mr. Freeze

New Mutants 98, first appearance of Deadpool (and Domino)

And lastly; Amazing Spider-Man 6, and 129, First appearances of Lizard and The Punisher.

I think I made out well, I spent...A LOT to be honest but I'm quite happy with what I got.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: DMD on October 06, 2016, 12:09:21 AM
I've tried some new stuff recently, non superhero.

Lake of Fire(( Historic fantasy set in the Crusades, with aliens and or demons))

Conan the Slayer(( the name says it all))

Moonshine(( Prohibition era gangster/bootleggers/FBI/Werewolves)) only one issue in , might have potential but the author needs to lay off the foul language. It's not edgy and or trendy anymore .

Seven Into Infinity-Epic fantasy with a decent if not all that original story and AMAZING art

Night's Domain-(( kind of a superheros in a fantasy setting ))

Kingslaw West- Fantasy wild west stuff
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Errant on October 06, 2016, 09:30:35 PM
I'd suggest most if not all the Conan comics, they be good.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Errant on October 11, 2016, 01:47:48 PM
...Anyone got any like, spooky comics they might read over the month?

I usually go on a small spiel of them myself, so far have read Mike Mignolas Lord Baltimore, cant suggest it enough.

Planning to read some Swamp Thing and BPRD stuff I havent read yet...and other then that? Gonna start reading Marvels Darth Vader after I get the last issue...even if the fuckers are cancelling it for NO GODDAMN REASON.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: DMD on October 13, 2016, 10:16:41 PM
...Anyone got any like, spooky comics they might read over the month?

I usually go on a small spiel of them myself, so far have read Mike Mignolas Lord Baltimore, cant suggest it enough.

Planning to read some Swamp Thing and BPRD stuff I havent read yet...and other then that? Gonna start reading Marvels Darth Vader after I get the last issue...even if the fuckers are cancelling it for NO GODDAMN REASON.

I can recommend Locke and Key by personal experience, dark fantasy/horror

The Sixth Gun is kind of Wild West/horror/Fantasy

As far as pure horror, I hear good things about Scott Snyder's Wytches and Cullen Bunn's Harrow Co, but I haven't read either
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: Errant on October 15, 2016, 01:53:35 AM
I actually own Locke and Key, I liked most of it...though parts of it near the end seemed hockey/tacked on for the hell of it.

Never head of Sixth gun, might pick it up and those other two...Wytches I've heard of and since its Scott Snyder I might as welll give it a go, along with Bunns Harrow Co if I get a chance.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: DMD on April 21, 2017, 10:10:26 PM
Welp, of all the non  superhero stuff I was reading only Seven Into Infinity, Conan,  Ringside and Manifest Destiny are still going. The latter two are  about to wrap up I believe .

Still waiting patiently for the shop to find me a Vol 3 of Harrow Co in trade...

I dropped Green Valley , Lake of Fire and Kingsway both ended, Night's Domain either got canceled or the shop isn't carrying it , and Moonshine lost it's shine for me by the third issue.

Back over in the classic capes corner I still read quite a bit, DC has taken the lead in my pull list again by a considerable margin since Rebirth. The last couple Marvel events and  lot of their new books just didn't or don't do much for me right now.

From Marvel I read
Thor- It's entertaining, nothing I can say is must read but as a Thor fan I enjoy it .
Unworthy Thor(( although the big climax and reveal was a little underwhelming for me in this mini....))
Amazing Spiderman-The Clone Conspiracy wasn't great but it wasn't terrible, I think it's getting better again now that it's over and we're back to Spidey vs Norman Osbourne!

Avengers and Uncanny Avengers -Both are kind of on the fence right now, Waid's  Avengers and yet another Kang story did little for me, and Uncanny FINALLY wrapped up the Red Skull arc, so it depends on where both books go next and how badly they get wrapped up in Secret Empire event crossover hell...

Dr. Strange.-Another one on the fence.  Aaron's run was good, although I thought the whole Death of Magic got kind of hand waved by the rest of the Marvel Universe while it was happening, and even in Doc's own book shortly after it was over . The Misery arc has been pretty cool but now it's over .With Aaron leaving I think next issue I'll have to see who takes over and where they take it .

Daredevil - I like Charles Soule, I really do. But this book has kind of slogged along through the first pretty uneventful arcs honestly, and the third act while it finally gets around to explaining how DD got his secret ID back , isn't exactly blazing any new trails in doing so. Another one that depends on where it heads next  and if Soule sticks with it or someone else takes over for me.

Out of all their newish books and upcoming stuff the only thing I see so far is

X-Men Gold, it's a back to roots classic X team taking on bad guys again instead of each other or their hormones for a change. I liked the Alpha special .

Royals -The new Inhuman book taking the royal family back into space , I thought would be great. The first issue was pretty good but the second one kind of jumped the shark in a couple areas for me, I'll give it the first arc before I decide .

Marvel's Big Summer Event, is the afore mentioned Secret Empire.

Captain America, Steve Rodgers now the head of SHIELD and of course, thanks to the Red Skull, his daughter Sin and a cosmic cube also the leader of Hydra does what all the bad guys never could, takes over the world!

I read the 0 issue today, the writing was decent but the concept feels like Dark Reign all over again, with Cap instead of Norman as the big bad. I just ain't feeling it so far.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: DMD on April 21, 2017, 10:51:44 PM
AAAAAAAAAAAAAND over at DC...(( never know when I'm reaching the post limit so I split this one))

Action Comics- It's a little on the old school dense read style, but still has it's fair share of beat em up action and is brining back something long lost in comics in general, a subplot mostly the mysterious Oz and his connection to Superman and Rebirth.

Superman- More of a "Superfamily" there's a lot of focus on the bond between big S and son Jon aka Superboy in this one, to the point it can be a little too cutesy and aw shucks for at times but still a good read .

Batman - I'll say this about Tom King. His writing and story telling style is different, most people either love or hate it . So far the I Am Gotham, I Am Suicide and I Am Bane arcs have tied together pretty tightly, but a little  slow and anti-climatic for me . Now it's kicking off the four part The Button crossover with The Flash, more revealing about the whole Rebirth mystery so I'll stick around for that at least.

Detective Comics- More of a "Bat Family" book with Batman and Bat Woman training a squad consisting of pretty much all the younger side kicks and up and coming vigilantes in Gotham . Other than the Monster Men tie in it's been the more entertaining of the two core Bat Books to me and currently focusing on Batgirl and the League of Shadows(( not to be confused with the League of Assassins , actually a rival offshoot )) led by her mother Lady Shiva !

Justice League- The core book of DC much like Avengers is considered to be  the core of Marvel. And so far to me, mediocre at best. It's had an underlaying ongoing theme of big galactic/cosmic threats, some more generic than others that involve a lot of time travel, techno-mystical rabble babble , and still the ever present looming mysterious yet to be seen REAL THREAT that is coming and no one can do anything about it according to the lesser galactic level threats so far. If the other Justice League book continues to be more entertaining to me I might let it go...

Justice League America-(( that would be the other League book I mentioned)) . Just finished it's first arc with the Extremists. It's the B team, led by Batman and oddball collection of B and C listers meant to remind people that heroes are human and there to help other ordinary people . The first arc was a classic good guys vs bad guys. Nothing great but it was a decent start. If it sticks with the smaller adventures where the fate of ALL that is isn't  on the line  EVERY time ALL the time, I think it'll be a good book.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps- Currently focusing on what happens with the Green and Yellow Corps actually team up to police the universe, rekindling HOPE with the Blue Corps and Rip Hunter showing up from the future with dire warnings , along with 2 of the only 3 remaining Guardians of the Galaxy(( the little bald blue immortals not the Space Pirates with 70s rock obsessions)) also warning of impending DOOM .

Green Lanterns- With the rookies, Simon Bazz and Jessica Cruzz doing GL duty on Earth and with the League. This book has been hit or miss, the Phantom Lantern arc was pretty good, and the inclusion of the Valthoom subplot as well, the last shorter arc with Dr. Polaris not so much. Both main characters spend a little too much time in their own heads before pulling them out of their butts and letting the overwhelming powers of friendship and confidence save the day every time for me...another one I might drop.

Green Arrow- Now that it's stopped cloning the show almost step for step it's pretty solid. Currently dealing with Ollie battling the Inner Circle for the heart and soul of Seattle .

Nightwing- It's been a little hit or miss, more hit now that Dick gets farther and farther from the shadows of Gotham City and Bruce. Although, it never fails familiar faces keep following him around. At least he's getting some of the lesser used Bat characters, with the exception of Damian Wayne, possibly my personally most despised character in comics and now Dr. Hurt . It is interesting that he might be a father to be with his current love interest, a reformed C list villaness called Tagger . And he's back in Buhdhaven!

RedHood and the Outlaws- The Outlaws being Bizarro and Artemis , that's right the cracked versions of Batman, Superman, and Wonderwoman in their own book. That premise alone would be enough, but the book actually keeps the characters more or less separate from their parents other than a brief Bat presence in the first arc. And it's kind of a throw back to the old school exposistion and action heavy years of comics for me. I really like the whole "Misfits take care of one another " motif and the use of a lot of characters that would probably be in  limbo if not for the book.

Aquaman- It's got plenty of action , yet somehow manages to have a lot of politics and social issues as well, I call it the Game of Thrones of superhero comics, without all the nudity. It can be a little slow at times, but I like it .

Flash- The real "hit or miss " book of Rebirth so far with me, I dropped it because even more than Green Arrow it was parroting the show too much, constantly focused on other speedster characters  But recently I picked up back up for an arc with the Rogues, a two parter with Captain Boomerrang, and now The Button crossover with Batman. I think after that it's going back to yet ANOTHER Reverse Flash/Zoom story so I'll probably drop it again.

Suicide Squad-Surprisingly good to be honest I only planned to read it for the crossover with Justice League but I've stuck around for the fall out and follow up. I like the action heavy bits, and the never knowing what random character is going to die suddenly and horribly next. My only fault is the writer tends to forget there's characters other than HQ and Amanda Waller in this book. That looks like it'll change with the upcoming Earthlings on Fire story where Zod joins the team. I hope we get more rotating in and out random members in the future.

Titans- I swear they should call this book Legacy, as in the Justice League Legacy characters. Wally West, Dick Grayson, Roy Harper, Tempest and a couple other lesser known. I like it for the cast, it's was Wally centric for the first arc, but the second is focusing on the lesser known Bumblebee , Hornblower and Lilith. It can be a little slow at times due more to the art style limiting how much fits in an issue with the larger panels.They brought back the classic Fearsome Five in the second arc which was uber cool to me. The next arc, I believe is part of the Judas crossover with Teen Titans, and Deathstroke . I dropped Deathstroke for being too slow and  dysfunctional family soap opera for my tastes and I don't read Teen Titans do to Damian Wayne , the cartoonish art ((at least the covers look it)) and a cast I could care less about . But, apparently this is going to lead to Slade Wilson at least briefly entering the Speed Force and turning over a new leaf to lead a superhero team of his own, which might get me to pick his book back up or the new book a chance .

DC's Big Summer Event(S) One is called Dark Days and seems to be Bat centric,(( I THINK he finds a future where he's become a dictator or something and tries to prevent and or overthrow himself's reign?)) Feels a little to close to what they're doing with Cap over at Marvel honestly, from what little I've read or heard on it so far but I'm not sure. The other Metal or Dark Metal isn't all that clear yet having only been announced earlier this week  but seems to have something to do with Hawkman and his Nth Metal, and will be launching several new titles out of it . Being a big Bat and Hawk Man fan, I'll give both a chance at least.

Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: DMD on April 25, 2017, 10:04:56 PM
I saw these lists on Newsarama today, man there's a lot of comic movies and shows coming . ANd some pretty cool looking fantasy and scyfy non comic book stuff too!

I really don't understand how Bay Watch ended up on that last list...
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: DMD on April 26, 2017, 07:58:52 PM
What I read this week, as I read them!

Kamandi Challenge- From DC, it's  12 part mini-series and a nod to the king, King of Comics that is , Jack Kirby! A far future where a lone human boy awakens to find him self surrounded by the advanced animal tribes who overtook humanity after The Great Calamity .Written and drawn by two different teams each month, and each month the two part story ends with a  cliff hanger that the next team must figure a way out of, while setting up another cliffhanger ending for the next month and team!! It has talking tigers and apes, rats, plant clone people, all the camp that made the 50-60s great!

Conan The Slayer-From Darkhorse Comics  Written by Cullen Bunn.
Not a lot I can say about a Conan book, if you like Conan in general or sand and sandal fantasy /pulp action in general you'll probably like this one. What I will say, is I think Cullen Bunn has hit his stride again with this book. Maybe his best stuff since Sixth Gun and Harrow Co.,. He seems to write the offbeat fantasy/adventure/horror better than pure superhero books .

Batman/The Shadow-DC and Dynamite comics working together for this crossover mini. Written by Scott Snyder and Steve Orlando, perhaps two of if not the hottest two writers in demand on the circuit right now.

It starts off with a murder in Gotham, a very strange one of course. Batman investigates of course, meets The Shadow, of course. They fight, of course, Shadow puts the whammy on Batman and escapes , of course. Pretty basic hero meets hero for the first time. It gets more interesting when through the course of investigating the victim, and the apparent killer, Batman meets some of the Shadow's living former friends and co-adventures while trying to determine how the Shadow himself is alive and apparently unaged. It leads Bruce back to one of his own early trainers in a remote mountain location(( of course,)) by the name of Ducard, the man a young Bruce considered the greatest Manhunter to ever live, who apparently reveals himself to be none other than, THE SHADOW HIMSELF .

It was a good start. Apparently they're really going to focus on the mystical/supernatural aspect of The Shadow, and I find it really interesting he might have played a role in helping create Batman himself! 

I may be wrong but I thought I read somewhere this was the first meeting of the two characters, something I find kind of odd and hard to believe hasn't happened before in comics somewhere...

X-Men Blue-Marvel-Cullen Bunn.
Only the second issue, and I might let this one go. To me the weaker of the two X-book re-launches , this one is already back to where the pre-re-launch books where, the time displaced original 5 X-Men this time, working with Magneto(( their behind the scenes benefactor )) to protect Mutant Kind and by the end of the second issue Magneto is already plotting behind their backs to send them back in time to their original time line and reality. Because as revealed last issue, these original X-Men teens aren't the mainstream Marvel-verses original X-Teens because those are still in the past where they belong. And the X-Teens already trust but don't really trust him either....

I said before I don't think Bunn writes basic full on superhero comics as well as his other off beat work, but a lot of it in this book in my opinion isn't even his fault. Stuck with a convoluted backstory and continuity to say the least, and a LOT of character baggage to say the least, the book feels like more of the same X-stories from the last 5 years or so where they spend more time working with their own former enemies, and fighting and or bickering more with each other, other heroes, or their own mental and emotional states. Meh I say, meh.

X-Men Gold from Marvel -Mark Guggenhiem.

Also in it's second issue, and the stronger X Book, for my tastes. The opening arc is called "Back to Basics" and so far it's just that, a squad of the....original New X-Men(( Kitty Pryde, Rachel Summers, Logan, Nightcrawler , Storm and Collosus)) fighting bad guys and public opinion!

The first two issues is a new take on an old classic , A new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants made of up new people using the names and costumes of old either dead, depowered or both old X enemies(( Pyro, Avalanche, Mesmero and the Morlock Masque,, along with one new creature like thatI think is either a Brood hybrid or the new Syron, and a former X-Man Magma. With some apparent sinister bigger bad behind them. A new X-cutioner, and anti mutant group with a public media spokes person waiting in the rings, and even a cameo by Shield and the soon to be revealed traitorous Steve Rodgers! Old school fights, Old Man Logan being Old School bad ass Wolverine with cheesy one liners , it actually feels like the comic is going back to what made the New X Men cool and interesting!

The Mighty Thor-Marvel-Jason Aaron

Many know, Thor is my all time favorite comic character. What many may or may not know, is the current Thor is not my, or your grandfather's Thor. Since Aaron took the book over, Odinson found himself unworthy in Orignal Sin, and the hammer found a new wielder in the cancer stricken and dying Jane Foster!

Even though she isn't "my "Thor, I still love this book. She's the current Thor for reasons and themes, and even the hammer has changed. It's living thinking immortal space storm to end all storms trapped in the hammer, actually thank you very much! That's the kind of cosmic fantasy over the top Thor story we haven't seen since Kirby or Walt Simone.

The current arc, The Asgard .Shi'ar War is a brief break in the ongoing War of the Nine Realms, but has a slight connection(( Maliki and Loki duped Shi'ar gods)). Duped them into what you ask? Attacking Asgard, kidnapping Thor and challenging her to a formal Contest of the Gods. That ended this issue, Thor won because she done something no god before her has, inspired other gods to fight for her cause when the other Asgardians pro and con Jane-Thor came riding to her rescue, regardless if she needed it or not. But it isn't over yet, in a sore loser last gasp, the Shi'ar gods summoned and unleashed.....wait for it.....wait for it....did you guess the Phoenix Force, because they unleashed the primal god form of the indeed, Phoenix Force. Without a host, it will BURN THE COSMOS to ashes, gods and mortals alike! So now, Asgard , the Shi'ar Empire and one irritating , annoying, and as Thor herself put it surly young X Man and future host of the PF(( if there is a future to host it in)) make a last stand!

Even though the Jane as Thor and War of the Realms feels like it's starting to overstay it's welcome, this is still the kind of balls to the wall epic cosmic action and humor comics just don't have enough of anymore!

Suicide Squad -DC-Rob Williams

As I mentioned , I started reading for the JL crossover, and kept reading for the decent over the top action and random deaths and maiming of minor characters . This arc, Earthlings on Fire starts with the team breaking into Lex Corps vault, while Amanda herself keeps Lex busy upstairs by trying to out manipulate and intimidate one another. They're there to get kryptonite, so they can put a brain bomb in their newest captive and inductee into the Squad, Zod. After fighting mercenary security, giant robots and Bizarro clones, turns out all they had to do was ask, Lex even tried to give the rock to the Wall as a guest right from the get go. This issue also seemed to focus on just how crazy powerful Enchantress can be, she uses one spell to teleport them in, one to cut communications and one to turn the team undead to fool the giant robot , and one to release a demonic computer virus into the systems when Lex shows up himself , before he you know, gives them what they came with to begin with. In the mean time, we get to see Captain Boomerang lose an arm in the teleport, decline the demon arm Enchantress wants to replace it with, and HQ bites Lex on his bald head. All kinds of bad things always happen to Boomerang, and they couldn't happen to a nicer guy. I get the feeling when HQ finds out he killed her number one fan and rookie innocent member of the team a couple issues ago, even worse things might happen to him! And that's including Zod already killing him once! And what could go wrong with trying to blackmail a captive insane evil version of Superman? It isn't a greatly written book, but the over the top action and comedy make it an entertaining one.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps-DC-Robert Venditti

The current status quo has the Green and Yellow Lantern Corps working together, one of each in each space sector as one Corps. How that came to be and how it plays out is what makes the book interesting. In the current arc, Rip Hunter arrives with a warning from the future that the villain Sarko will erase the GLs from the future, and it happens TODAY. Meanwhile, aa embattled Green and Yellow duo meet the villain in question, who claims to be in the present to save the Yellow Corps. And he brought minions, prism beasts that apparently power rings have no effect on. At the end, even as Rip earns the trust of John Stewart and the others, the swarm heads to Dual Corps HQ the living planet and GL Mogo, where Hal Jordan heads into orbit to be the first line of offense and defense, to absolutely no effect...

The ideas and stories are good, the writer's dialogue is terrible in my opinion. A little too tough guy macho man and college jock like with Hal Jordan, a little too dorky sidekick when it comes to Kyle Rayner. He does decent with John , and the vast majority of lesser players, only because they seem to just be so one dimensional he can't mess them up. The only characters he seems to write well are Guy Gardner, Kilowog and their Yellow counterparts, all of whom come across especially in Guy's case as John Wayne or Mike Ditka with a power ring.

Over all the interesting concepts and stories drown out the sometimes cringe and groan worthy lines , and it still remains the stronger of the two GL books even if this issue was probably tied with X-Men Blue as the weakest read of the week so far.

Action Comics-DC-Dan Jurgens

After Reborn, Superman has been taking a two issue walk down memory lane in the Fortress trying to use memory crystals to determine if there's been tampering with his memories of his own past or reality like Mtlyzplx claimed . As he does, he and only hears a voice telling him to "consider the long game". At the end, when all seems well the mysterious Mr. Oz appears and attacks Clark, warning him he deals with forces beyond him be it on his own or with his allies support. Clark flies off to check on the safety of his family , meanwhile the new Henshaw forms the Superman Revenge Squad...

As the aftermath of Superman Reborn that ran between Action and Superman, which while entertaining was a fairly convoluted and heavy handed merging of pre and post 52 and Rebirth Superman(s) It did it's job, this two issue filler arc did it's to set up the Revenge Squad upcoming arc.  As it stands from the memory crystals for now, it seems most if not all of Post Superman continuity happened, the best I could understand it all. So did the New 52, it just happened to New Superman while Clark was in hiding and working in the shadows while raising his family.

If you like old school semi-dense comics with subplots and a lot of dialogue, exposistion,  and long played out subplots , Dan is the writer for you. It isn't great but it isn't terrible, and I think he gets the voice , inner and audible of Clark Kent about as well as anyone who's ever written the character.

Detective Comics-DC-James Tynion IV

The current arc has the Bat Family going up against the League of Shadows to save Gotham and the surrounding area from a bomb triggered collapse into ruin. And losing . After being injured by her mother Lady Shiva, the leader of the Shadows, Orphan((better known as one of the Batgirls to pre-New52/Rebirth fans)) Cassandra Kaine receives medical care and inspiration from one of the ballet dancers she watches from the shadows of the building where she lives.  Even injured, she manages to fight her way single handed through wave after wave and legions of League ninja assassins to free Batman and the others and confront her mother , even as Bat Woman's father and his para-military organization prepare to save Gotham from the League themselves by releasing a nano-chemical weapon into the caverns below the city and kill everyone, Bat Family included!

The arc and story is pretty entertaining if not original. I mean it pretty much copied the Dark Knight replacing the League of Assassins with the Shadows and fear gas and a train with a bomb. This issue was a little too morale "you can be anyone or thing you want to be"heavy in the inner script of a children's book read to Casandra by the dancer who helped her. And Casandra herself is a little too Mary Sue for my tastes. I mean already injured she takes on dozens of trained killers on her own with apparent ease? I don't mind someone other than Bats himself saving the day, but when the entire freed (( and somehow in costume )) considering they where naked and chained team confronts Shiva along side Orphan it feels a little too "power of friendship overcomes all" to me.

Still a solid read, I'm interested to see what comes after this arc, we already saw a Bat Woman arc, a Spoiler centric arc, and now Orphan, I think that leaves Clayface, Batwing or Azrael? Have I mentioned how badly it bugs me just how MANY sidekicks Batman has these days?

Justice League America- DC- Steve Bloom.

A lot of people say Bloom is one of the best writers out there today. I few say he's the most overrated. I think he's somewhere in the middle. One thing about it, so far with the second arc, Heart of the Bastich starting, he seems to get how to do a team book. A couple pages to set the adventure up, introduce the villain, let the heroes plan go to hell right off the bat, build a little tension between team members along the way. End with a standoff.

The new villain Argeus builds weapons based on folklore and mythology and has a merc army to use them. He's taken over an entire town that agreed to sell out to him in order to get out of poverty and realized what he was too late.

 Lobo has taken Guy Gardner's place as "member who bumps heads with Bats" Black Canary has resumed her role as "member who questions Batman and his methods sometimes"

Vixen is the team leader and face. Her press conference and a couple other scenes with where a little "real world problems " heavy handed writing .

Ray, Atom and Killer Frost are the rookies, Frost and Lobo are apparently redeeming themselves, by choice or corrosion by Bats in the form of a hinted deal Lobo tends to collect on .

It's a cool team with a lot of room for character growth and new stories based around the majority of them who don't have a LOT of background to retread. Canary and Vixen have been around a long time but only moderate hard core history . These versions of Frost, Ray and Atom are for all purposes bran spanking new , and Lobo is the type of character very Wolverine like with a lot of blanks in his past to be filled in.

I liked this issue, we have the inner team tension, the afore mentioned mysterious deal with Lobo who we get to see can be if not stopped at least slowed down considerably with a well thought out plan of attack by the villain. Lenarean Hyrda venom weapon for a guy with a healing factor ?

The only things I didn't like as much , not too horrible but still annoyed me where the real world social issue hitting me over the head with a hammer points in the press conference and the town people's speech when the heroes come to save them , and at the end it looks like for the second arc the Atom has gotten himself captured by not following the Bat Plan.Now, if just like the first time it turns out getting captured was all part of his own plan, if not Bat's that would be pretty weak twice in a row, but might get interesting if Bats gets tired of someone following a plan that isn't his to begin with?

After the first arc and this issue, for me at least JLA is already the better of the two League books.

And last, but not quite least.

The Button-Flash /Batman crossover part 2-DC-Joshua Williamson

I said not quite least, but I was fairly disappointed in this chapter. After Reverse Flash, attracted by the Comedian's Button in the Bat Cave attacked  before being killed in the first part, we pick up with Flash on the scene investigating the crime scene. Apparently he discovers traces of the same radiation and his own speed force energy on Reverse Flash's corpse. This leads him to leave a recovering Batman and head to the Watchtower where he plans to use the Cosmic Tread Mill to travel through time and find who killed Reverse Flash. Batman, being Batman refuses to stay in bed and knew what he was up to all along shows up at the last second and demands to go along. One time storm and several "time window" glimpses of forgotten continuity later, they land in the Batcave , but the bat cave of Thomas Wayne, Batman of the Flash Point World. Bat Dad, meet Bat Son!

It wasn't a bad story. Outside the main plot we also saw Johnny Thunder standing on the roof of the mental institution in a thunder storm of all things, calling out for his lost magical genie Thunderbolt and bemoaning the loss of the JSA and how it was all a mistake. Cool points for a JSA tease , much like the tease of the time -misplaced Saturn Girl in Arkham rambling about how the Legion of Superheroes die in the future because Superman didn't come to save them.  We also have a page where Barry Allen reflects back on Wally West talking about someone outside time waiting to attack them .

So, here we are half way through this four part event crossover, and I feel like we don't have, aren't really and closer and might not be getting any real answers to any of the Rebirth mysteries ,nothing in the first two parts have really done more than remind us of the mysteries already present , and if anything maybe raise more questions ?

Since Rebirth began, it's been speculated almost a given that the big bad tampering with time is Dr. Manhattan .But here we're reminded that Wally said "they" plural referring to whoever is outside time waiting to attack...

Apparently both the JSA and LoSH are missing lost and or dead?
 A couple things I'm hoping for, probably not by the end of this crossover but sometime between now and the end of the Rebirth mystery, is the return of the Legion and the JSA in something close to their classic editions.

Another thing that stood out as a possibility to me  after seeing Thomas-Wayne-Flashpoint-Batman here. We know there's a Bat event this summer called Dark Days and apparently it has something to do with a Bat Dictator as the bad guy, maybe said Bad Bat isn't Bruce at all but his father Thomas from Flashpoint ?

Time will tell, it's an alternate universe/continuity  time travel story mystery to begin with right?

Oh well, that's it for this week.
Title: Re: The Pull List
Post by: DMD on June 04, 2017, 08:21:55 PM
Saw GoTG 2 and WW.

GoTG was alright, for some reason I just liked the first one better. Best parts where Ego the Living Planet and Yondu's roles.

Worst parts where everything centering around Starlord and Baby Groot. Gamorra, Racoon and especially Draxx in that order didn't get much character or story at all. At least Draxx got all the best lines in my opinion.

Over all it was kind of over the top "plot "wise and down right silly at time,
Still it stayed true to the "fun" of the first so I give it a 4 of 5 stars .

As for WW.

I hand it to Gail Gadot, she nailed the part attitude and character wise. I still think physically she's a little too "soft " for WW and I would have preferred that Gina (( I think))Whatshersname from the MMA and Haywire. She might be a little older than they where going for ?  Chris Pine did fine as Steve Trevor as well. Not that Trevor is a real deep character roll to pull of , but still.

The rest of the cast, pretty forgettable. The plot was ok, not super strong, not super bad, a couple plot  holes at least one, maybe two HUGE one that bugged me that can't be addressed without spoilers . Might be me but I think it could have actually used a couple more huge fight scenes somewhere along the way. The villain(s) where really subpar in my opinion as well. It did stick pretty close to the origins, both of them so I'll give it that. On the other hand, I haven't been beaten over the head with the "love conquers all/romance " hammer that hard since the first Hell Boy movie. They really laid it on thick at times. I did actually like how they addressed the humorous idea of a 20 something from an all female society suddenly meeting her first man and following him  back to the modern world in several scenes.

So for Gadot and Pine's performance, the sticking to source material , what humor there was and not overdoing that or getting too sophomoric , and what action scenes there where being decently done , I give it 3 1/2 stars.
I take 1 1/2 stars away for just going way overboard with the "power of love" theme and weak, reallyweak forgettable villains and supporting cast and at least to me at least one HUGE plot hole .