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General Discussion / Hey uh... Just a thought... Regarding this site
« on: October 27, 2018, 05:36:01 AM »
This has sort of being bouncing around my brain a bit, but...

...I'm genuinely surprised someone hasn't started a Discord server for the same sort of purpose as tK. Like seriously, anybody can literally just start a discord server with various text rooms and everything. I think there's a limit on how many people can be signed up to a server at once, but it's at least 100 people I think for a non dedicated server. You can set granulated user and moderator rights and permissions, custom emoji, there are bots that can be used to do dice and whatnot, proper moderator tools and logging...

I think the only thing it lacks is something like the /whisper command because that's superseded by direct DMs, and potentially private rooms (you can give users permission to make and moderate their own rooms but I don't think you can just... make a private room like you can on tK), but again that's pretty much superseded on discord also by making a small quick private group and inviting people to it.

Has anybody thought about maybe doing this for tK as a whole? It might save a lot on bandwidth costs and infrastructure. It is of course just a suggestion and I'm sure there's reasonable objections to using Discord and keeping with a site like this. It just strikes me that there is potentially an option there that might not have been explored, or that it already has been and it doesn't work so well.

No seriously go get. It's hilarious and wonderful. You need it. Right now.

General Discussion / FromSoft plz
« on: April 01, 2015, 07:30:25 PM »
scholar of the first sin



i got dark souls 2 and all its dlc and now i have to buy it all again? for £20?


General Discussion / Javi you son of a bitch
« on: November 11, 2014, 04:47:18 AM »
you got me into Lymbyc Systym and now I'm going to buy all their music as soon as payday comes around because it's all fucking solid gold you son of a bitch i hate you so much

(psych i love you really)

No really, I am going to buy their entire set of albums and eps because I was in a horrendous funk last night, mind was going to dark places, and then "Falling Together" from their Symbolyst album came on my winamp playlist and then HAPPY FEELINGS from gorgeous music like magic, and then I figured 'fuck it let's check out more' and every single track I listened to I loved them more and more and it cured my horrid funk. So yeah. Music for the win.

So thank you.

General Discussion / Talk Nerdy To Me (Old Hardware Discussion)
« on: November 03, 2014, 02:28:05 AM »
C'mon, guys. I'm feeling nostalgic. I wanna ramble about old computer hardware, old consoles, old computers like the Amiga, C64, Acorn Electrons, BBC Micros, Archimedes, Spectrum 48k through to the +3 and beyond, the Spectrum QL, Oric 1, SAM Coupé, all that shit! Joysticks, games, hardware, tape decks, Kempston interfaces, peripherals! All those weird fucking hardware bits you saw in your favourite magazines that you DESPERATELY WANTED your parents to get you but they never did and then you forgot about them for ages and the system became obsolete but you always kept thinking about it somewhere and were like 'man I wonder what that was like?' or those homebrew circuit designs you could find and MIGHT have tried building but failed utterly because you could never get the right card socket or microswitches...

Talk to me! Come on! Relive those old days! Let's reminisce!

But uh... please let's not start harping on about how the old days were better because. you know. no. they weren't. They were dope as shit but dude seriously fucking Elite Dangerous is godlike and don't even get me started on how balls to the wall amazing computers are these days compared to back then.

But let's remember fondly those heroes of our past.

Starting in t-minus 5... 4... 3... 2....


General Discussion / Games you should play but might not know about.
« on: September 19, 2014, 07:52:38 PM »
Receiver: PC. FPS. Single player only. Simulation.
An FPS. but not your average FPS.
In this game you have a gun. ONE gun. You never get another gun, until you die and respawn. There are three guns total, you only get one of them, at random, with each playthrough. All ammunition you find in that playthrough will be for that gun. You will find bullets, magazines (if you are using 2 of the 3 guns), tapes and maybe the odd torch, in the world to pick up. You will also find a huge, nearly empty building complex, and an ungodly amount of turrets and hoverdrones, all of which are programmed to end your life.

To fight off these killdrones, you have your gun. and your wits...

Oh, and if you play this like Quake, or Half Life, you are going to die horribly and repeatedly.
In this game you can control pretty much every aspect of the gun. When you spawn you will want to do these things, in no particular order.
Check the gun to see if it has a round chambered.
Examine your current inventory to see how many bullets are in the chambers/the magazine.
Reload the magazine/chambers fully if you can.
Make sure your gun has its safety/autofire disengaged (though autofire can be useful, it just chews ammo like crazy, and there isn't a lot).
Cock the hammer if it has one.
Unlock the slide if it has one.

Your mission is to find all 11 tapes, and not die.
Hoverdrones are fast, home in on you, and shock you in melee. Do not die.
Turrets are static, slowly revolve, when they see you they focus on you, take a second, and then open fire. They have fifteen bullets each in them. getting them to shoot you or other turrets to waste their ammo and save yours is a neat trick, but not recommended for repeated use. You will die. Do not die.
Death is permanent, in that if you die you have to start all over again, in a completely new, randomly generated building complex, with a new gun, and a random amount of magazines and/or bullets (you always have at least some bullets), and maybe a torch. Do not die.
Listen for the musical cues, they will help you not die.
One shot kills you. One shot does not necessarily kill the kill drones. Make them die, do not die yourself.

Upon finding all the tapes you may find out what the MindKill is, and how to save humanity... or you may not. Either way, do not die.
At first you will want the help up all the time so you can refernce it but soon you will quickly find yourself manipulating your gun as if you were a professional without ever needing the help visible.. though you may find yourself dropping a magazine by mistake if you panic. Don't panic, and you might not die.

It is pretty goddamn cheap on Steam at £3.99 or your local equivalent. It was made in seven days, and it's really, really good. Do not die.

Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender: PC, Shmup, retro, cats, cute, Nintendo Hard.
You remember Defender right? On the arcades? imagine that but with internet cats. except now they're mining milk from beneath the ocean and are coming under attack so it's up to you and your kitty (and maybe even a kitty pal) to use your super-weaponised mini-sub to protect these brave milk miners...

...yeah... it's about as crazy and wacky as it sounds, but it's a lot of fun, it's taking the pure aspects of Defender, updated them, then retro'd them again via C64 style chiptune music, and adorable pixelly graphics. Controls are great, tight and responsive and it's a lot of fun, just really, REALLY hard!

Game is also on Steam, fairly cheap, a good few levels and both easy and normal difficulty, as well as a fun Arcade mode where death means you have to start all over again, but success means you can continue getting more and more powerful and you bring your powerups to the next stage.
Price is £4.99 or regional equivalent, link is below.

General Discussion / Vidyagaems, Childhood Edition
« on: June 12, 2014, 04:57:33 AM »
So let's bring back a little trip down memory lane.
Choose a videogame from your childhood: Only ones you've played up until you were 15 at the most, 16 at a stretch, beyond that starting to get into adult territory so nope.
There is no restrictions on system whatsoever, even if it's a fucking obscure one. Console, PC, arcade, handheld, whatever. Even if it's an N-Gage one, or 3ds, providing it meets the age bracket above.
NO JUDGING PEOPLE FOR THEIR GAMING TASTES. THIS IS NOT THAT KIND OF THREAD. We've all got weird fucking tastes in vidya gaems.
Post a pic or video if at all possible, and give a brief rundown of it purely from memory, give some details of what system it was on, what got you into it, what made it stick out in your mind, however much detail you can. Don't worry about nostalgia goggles, let it happen.
THEN, if you're up to do it, go ahead and emulate/play it however you can for a brief period to get a feel for it again, and THEN post how it's aged, and what your current feelings on the game are from a fresh new perspective! (obviously this works best if you haven't played it in a while) :D

Game doesn't have to be one you liked or anything, it could be one that just stuck in your mind all this time for whatever reason!

annnnnnnnnd GO!


For me, this game kinda always stuck out in my head (can you bloody well guess why? e_e; ): Foxx Fights Back.

As you can see from the video, it was a silly little 2d scrolling platformy shooter where you had to collect food for your mate and bring it back home to feed her, for... whatever reason. I don't remember exactly, I got the game on a covertape for  a magazine for my Spectrum 128K +2 and there was no manual for it, aside from the instructions and very brief blurb the magazine gave for it (I am still convinced those magazine cover tape games had the instructions written by people who just played the game to figure it out rather than read the ACTUAL manual if there was one because some of the explainations of 'story' were a bit off the wall).

I know this game came out on C64 and a bunch of other old 8bit home computer systems back then, but all I had was the Spectrum version, which you can see in that video (specifically that's the 128K version, as you can tell from the sound effects... trust me the 48K version would either be worse sounding, or would be blissfully silent). I used to put hours into this game trying to figure out the point of it or the win condition or just figure out what to do and how far I could get. It was a blindingly simple game but for me it was pretty fun. I used to be endlessly amused by sitting next to the character's mate and letting her beat up on him with those wonderfully cartoonish bleeps indicating her beating his head in for not bringing food home.

I remember once reaching the very end of the map on the right hand side and getting what.. I assume was meant to be an uzi or something but it looked more like a laser gun, and how it slowed the game to a miserable crawl, but how cool it seemed.... and then dying like five seconds afterwards because I had kited EVERY SINGLE ENEMY THAT COULD MOVE in the game to the end of the level. So one fox with a laser uzi, vs a hundred enemies, 99% of which would not render or appear or shoot until the others were dead, whereupon they would be on you and killing you.


Now having played it again, figured I'd do that while I had a spectrum emulator on my system and the tape image, oh my GOD. Jesus. The game's still as charming as I remember but yeah it seems it has very little depth at all. There's no win condition, there's no more levels barring that one, and the game's challenge is unreasonably hard. It's a bad game, but it's still amusing, at least. I kind of wish someone would remake it because I kind of want to see what modern sensibilities would do to that game.

Also oh my GOD this isn't fair:
THAT'S the version the C64 got!? Those animations! Those gameplay tweaks! The collision detection!! The speed!!! AUGH! So not fair. ;_; That game version is so much better than the Speccy version. FUCK! so jelly. You couldn't platform like that in the SPectrum version. D: You couldn't do HALF the shit you can in that C64 version on the Speccy!

MAD Jelly.

(Granted looks like there's still no win condition but hey the challenge is balanced by the looks of things.)

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