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Politika & Bans Appeal / Re: Alliyah's ongoing harassment
« on: March 22, 2019, 10:06:36 AM »
On March 22, 2019, three users documented and screenshot harassment and verbal abuse by user, Alliyah.

In one user's case, Alliyah not only broke "Rule 8: Users shall not harass other users."
but also "Rule 2: Users of the Keep are to keep profanity to a minimum, or between characters and not players."
and "Rule 9: Any user who uses The Keep for the purposes of spamming will be subject to kicking. as shown below:

Aforementioned harassment of other two users:

Politika & Bans Appeal / Re: Alliyah's ongoing harassment
« on: March 21, 2019, 07:40:09 PM »
Please see an update to the continual unprovoked harassment on March 21, 2019. With again, another plea for her to please leave me alone, before I, yet again, utilized the /ignore function.

If anything The Keep could use is a more functional /ignore function. A function where the ignore can't be undone when you log out or something, so you don't have to keep remembering to apply /ignore because someone might verbally harass you when they get bored. That'd be great. :)

Politika & Bans Appeal / Re: Alliyah's ongoing harassment
« on: March 21, 2019, 11:34:45 AM »
According to the AUP, Rule number 8 states: If harassing behavior persists to the point where the /ignore function is no longer helpful, the harasser is in violation of this rule and may be dealt with by the staff.

Obviously, using the /ignore function doesn't work when the user you're avoiding makes new names to continue to harass you... Essentially Alliyah is /ignore evading to continue to harass me.

Update on March 21, 2019. (Side note: I hadn't spoken in the Main Hall or the Keep in the past two hours prior to this message.)

Further harassment on a different name:

Politika & Bans Appeal / Alliyah's ongoing harassment
« on: March 18, 2019, 08:46:34 AM »
I have followed the many tracks of reporting username/player Alliyah, and her multiple alts, via chat. I have reported her to mod (Vivi) and admin (Web), with pleas for some action against this.

Harassment:  Merriam Webster dictionary defines harassment or harassas such:
"(1) : to annoy persistently
(2) : to create an unpleasant or hostile situation for especially by uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical conduct"

In regards to this definition, username/player Alliyah (and her 100+ alts) has persisted in harassing not only myself, but many other users in the Keep, despite multiple instances in being told to leave the harassed alone and utilizing the /ignore feature; as seen below, in a documented and unprovoked attack by her against myself. Please see the following screenshots in regards to Alliyah's inability to control herself. As you can see, these logs date back to the beginning of the year. These are not all the logs, as there are quite a few, but if needed, I can upload them as necessary.

January 29, 2019:

January 30, 2019:

February 2, 2019:

March 18, 2019:

(Fun fact learned: /ignore doesn't follow across multiple devices).

If anyone else has any other proof of Alliyah ignore-evading to continue to verbally harass them, well, this is the thread for you!  *two thumbs up*

(Mods, seriously, can you do something about this?)

General Discussion / Re: Moderators
« on: February 02, 2019, 07:00:38 AM »
Is there any update on this?

Some active staff would be great; a new fresh outlook on a new year in the Keep. :)

General Discussion / Re: Moderators
« on: December 11, 2018, 04:46:47 PM »
I volunteer as tribute!

But no, seriously, I've been waiting to put my name in the hat for moderator-ship for the past, goodness, 10 years. When Vivi (and Robo, and Palehorse/Ed) were originally promoted to MainHall mods, I hesitated - people laughed at the thought of a "girl as a mod." I'm still here though.

Some points to think on:
I've been part of the Keep community since 2001.
I have been a known and regular OOC-entity since 2008.
I have never been banned.
While drama can touch all of us at some point, I stay out of it generally.
I am still a well-known OOC-entity. Enough that people have asked me (Me!?) questions in regards to finding mods, AUP issues, etc.
I know the AUP. I know it's posted, but I also follow it!
I'm not scared of the more vocal degenerates out there. (AKA I don't have any craps left for people to make me cry and leave).
I have already approached Irra, Vivi, and Web about this possibility. :)

Make Kiko a Moderator: 2019!

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