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SMF - Just Installed!

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 on: Today at 08:31:39 PM 
Started by RitoYuuki - Last post by RitoYuuki
I made a private To-LOVE-Ru Chat-room Canon characters only please pm if you're interested. If you rather play another anime character pm me about on here personally and will see no ocs though sorry.

 Also I'm the only Rito Yuuki Sorry.
We might allow dups of other characters will see

 on: April 21, 2017, 10:51:44 PM 
Started by DMD - Last post by DMD
AAAAAAAAAAAAAND over at DC...(( never know when I'm reaching the post limit so I split this one))

Action Comics- It's a little on the old school dense read style, but still has it's fair share of beat em up action and is brining back something long lost in comics in general, a subplot mostly the mysterious Oz and his connection to Superman and Rebirth.

Superman- More of a "Superfamily" there's a lot of focus on the bond between big S and son Jon aka Superboy in this one, to the point it can be a little too cutesy and aw shucks for at times but still a good read .

Batman - I'll say this about Tom King. His writing and story telling style is different, most people either love or hate it . So far the I Am Gotham, I Am Suicide and I Am Bane arcs have tied together pretty tightly, but a little  slow and anti-climatic for me . Now it's kicking off the four part The Button crossover with The Flash, more revealing about the whole Rebirth mystery so I'll stick around for that at least.

Detective Comics- More of a "Bat Family" book with Batman and Bat Woman training a squad consisting of pretty much all the younger side kicks and up and coming vigilantes in Gotham . Other than the Monster Men tie in it's been the more entertaining of the two core Bat Books to me and currently focusing on Batgirl and the League of Shadows(( not to be confused with the League of Assassins , actually a rival offshoot )) led by her mother Lady Shiva !

Justice League- The core book of DC much like Avengers is considered to be  the core of Marvel. And so far to me, mediocre at best. It's had an underlaying ongoing theme of big galactic/cosmic threats, some more generic than others that involve a lot of time travel, techno-mystical rabble babble , and still the ever present looming mysterious yet to be seen REAL THREAT that is coming and no one can do anything about it according to the lesser galactic level threats so far. If the other Justice League book continues to be more entertaining to me I might let it go...

Justice League America-(( that would be the other League book I mentioned)) . Just finished it's first arc with the Extremists. It's the B team, led by Batman and oddball collection of B and C listers meant to remind people that heroes are human and there to help other ordinary people . The first arc was a classic good guys vs bad guys. Nothing great but it was a decent start. If it sticks with the smaller adventures where the fate of ALL that is isn't  on the line  EVERY time ALL the time, I think it'll be a good book.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps- Currently focusing on what happens with the Green and Yellow Corps actually team up to police the universe, rekindling HOPE with the Blue Corps and Rip Hunter showing up from the future with dire warnings , along with 2 of the only 3 remaining Guardians of the Galaxy(( the little bald blue immortals not the Space Pirates with 70s rock obsessions)) also warning of impending DOOM .

Green Lanterns- With the rookies, Simon Bazz and Jessica Cruzz doing GL duty on Earth and with the League. This book has been hit or miss, the Phantom Lantern arc was pretty good, and the inclusion of the Valthoom subplot as well, the last shorter arc with Dr. Polaris not so much. Both main characters spend a little too much time in their own heads before pulling them out of their butts and letting the overwhelming powers of friendship and confidence save the day every time for me...another one I might drop.

Green Arrow- Now that it's stopped cloning the show almost step for step it's pretty solid. Currently dealing with Ollie battling the Inner Circle for the heart and soul of Seattle .

Nightwing- It's been a little hit or miss, more hit now that Dick gets farther and farther from the shadows of Gotham City and Bruce. Although, it never fails familiar faces keep following him around. At least he's getting some of the lesser used Bat characters, with the exception of Damian Wayne, possibly my personally most despised character in comics and now Dr. Hurt . It is interesting that he might be a father to be with his current love interest, a reformed C list villaness called Tagger . And he's back in Buhdhaven!

RedHood and the Outlaws- The Outlaws being Bizarro and Artemis , that's right the cracked versions of Batman, Superman, and Wonderwoman in their own book. That premise alone would be enough, but the book actually keeps the characters more or less separate from their parents other than a brief Bat presence in the first arc. And it's kind of a throw back to the old school exposistion and action heavy years of comics for me. I really like the whole "Misfits take care of one another " motif and the use of a lot of characters that would probably be in  limbo if not for the book.

Aquaman- It's got plenty of action , yet somehow manages to have a lot of politics and social issues as well, I call it the Game of Thrones of superhero comics, without all the nudity. It can be a little slow at times, but I like it .

Flash- The real "hit or miss " book of Rebirth so far with me, I dropped it because even more than Green Arrow it was parroting the show too much, constantly focused on other speedster characters  But recently I picked up back up for an arc with the Rogues, a two parter with Captain Boomerrang, and now The Button crossover with Batman. I think after that it's going back to yet ANOTHER Reverse Flash/Zoom story so I'll probably drop it again.

Suicide Squad-Surprisingly good to be honest I only planned to read it for the crossover with Justice League but I've stuck around for the fall out and follow up. I like the action heavy bits, and the never knowing what random character is going to die suddenly and horribly next. My only fault is the writer tends to forget there's characters other than HQ and Amanda Waller in this book. That looks like it'll change with the upcoming Earthlings on Fire story where Zod joins the team. I hope we get more rotating in and out random members in the future.

Titans- I swear they should call this book Legacy, as in the Justice League Legacy characters. Wally West, Dick Grayson, Roy Harper, Tempest and a couple other lesser known. I like it for the cast, it's was Wally centric for the first arc, but the second is focusing on the lesser known Bumblebee , Hornblower and Lilith. It can be a little slow at times due more to the art style limiting how much fits in an issue with the larger panels.They brought back the classic Fearsome Five in the second arc which was uber cool to me. The next arc, I believe is part of the Judas crossover with Teen Titans, and Deathstroke . I dropped Deathstroke for being too slow and  dysfunctional family soap opera for my tastes and I don't read Teen Titans do to Damian Wayne , the cartoonish art ((at least the covers look it)) and a cast I could care less about . But, apparently this is going to lead to Slade Wilson at least briefly entering the Speed Force and turning over a new leaf to lead a superhero team of his own, which might get me to pick his book back up or the new book a chance .

DC's Big Summer Event(S) One is called Dark Days and seems to be Bat centric,(( I THINK he finds a future where he's become a dictator or something and tries to prevent and or overthrow himself's reign?)) Feels a little to close to what they're doing with Cap over at Marvel honestly, from what little I've read or heard on it so far but I'm not sure. The other Metal or Dark Metal isn't all that clear yet having only been announced earlier this week  but seems to have something to do with Hawkman and his Nth Metal, and will be launching several new titles out of it . Being a big Bat and Hawk Man fan, I'll give both a chance at least.

 on: April 21, 2017, 10:10:26 PM 
Started by DMD - Last post by DMD
Welp, of all the non  superhero stuff I was reading only Seven Into Infinity, Conan,  Ringside and Manifest Destiny are still going. The latter two are  about to wrap up I believe .

Still waiting patiently for the shop to find me a Vol 3 of Harrow Co in trade...

I dropped Green Valley , Lake of Fire and Kingsway both ended, Night's Domain either got canceled or the shop isn't carrying it , and Moonshine lost it's shine for me by the third issue.

Back over in the classic capes corner I still read quite a bit, DC has taken the lead in my pull list again by a considerable margin since Rebirth. The last couple Marvel events and  lot of their new books just didn't or don't do much for me right now.

From Marvel I read
Thor- It's entertaining, nothing I can say is must read but as a Thor fan I enjoy it .
Unworthy Thor(( although the big climax and reveal was a little underwhelming for me in this mini....))
Amazing Spiderman-The Clone Conspiracy wasn't great but it wasn't terrible, I think it's getting better again now that it's over and we're back to Spidey vs Norman Osbourne!

Avengers and Uncanny Avengers -Both are kind of on the fence right now, Waid's  Avengers and yet another Kang story did little for me, and Uncanny FINALLY wrapped up the Red Skull arc, so it depends on where both books go next and how badly they get wrapped up in Secret Empire event crossover hell...

Dr. Strange.-Another one on the fence.  Aaron's run was good, although I thought the whole Death of Magic got kind of hand waved by the rest of the Marvel Universe while it was happening, and even in Doc's own book shortly after it was over . The Misery arc has been pretty cool but now it's over .With Aaron leaving I think next issue I'll have to see who takes over and where they take it .

Daredevil - I like Charles Soule, I really do. But this book has kind of slogged along through the first pretty uneventful arcs honestly, and the third act while it finally gets around to explaining how DD got his secret ID back , isn't exactly blazing any new trails in doing so. Another one that depends on where it heads next  and if Soule sticks with it or someone else takes over for me.

Out of all their newish books and upcoming stuff the only thing I see so far is

X-Men Gold, it's a back to roots classic X team taking on bad guys again instead of each other or their hormones for a change. I liked the Alpha special .

Royals -The new Inhuman book taking the royal family back into space , I thought would be great. The first issue was pretty good but the second one kind of jumped the shark in a couple areas for me, I'll give it the first arc before I decide .

Marvel's Big Summer Event, is the afore mentioned Secret Empire.

Captain America, Steve Rodgers now the head of SHIELD and of course, thanks to the Red Skull, his daughter Sin and a cosmic cube also the leader of Hydra does what all the bad guys never could, takes over the world!

I read the 0 issue today, the writing was decent but the concept feels like Dark Reign all over again, with Cap instead of Norman as the big bad. I just ain't feeling it so far.

 on: April 20, 2017, 10:22:24 PM 
Started by DMD - Last post by DMD
Yes. A wrasslin' rp. It's time, oh it's time!! It's real, it's damn real! And that's the bottom line cause Stone Cold Said SO! What?! Can you smell what the Diver is cooking ? Or can you not see me? The cream of the crop will rise to the top when you get the rocket fuel for the rocket ships !  Who's interested?

Actually, speaking of interest, I think it would be more so with original wrestler , refs, announcers and managers than having fifteen Undertaker and eleventyseven AJ Styleses running around.

I wonder what kind of system would work for determining success of holds and moves and such, or would it be better off just free form and screaming at people over the interwebs when we disagree and they don't let us win every match?

 on: April 19, 2017, 09:45:22 PM 
Started by GenericSuperheroRPX - Last post by GenericSuperheroRPX
You provide the cast and I will try to provide the plot . Generic setting at first is In The City. It In character room so keep it that way. Don't be dumb, don't say dumb things, don't do dumb things. Don't annoy the mod. Don't bore the mod.Pretty simple.

But seriously, we're all adults here((supposedly)) ....I shouldn't have to tell you what's expected or allowed and what isn't . It's a comic book RP. Like comic books almost anything within reasonable bounds for both characters and powers can be workable . Except for adult content, this is the internet get your perv on somewhere else, thank you very much. And ultra grim dark, this is the internet get your emo on somewhere else too.

It's not even a work in progress, it's a work in beginning  so bare with me .

 on: April 17, 2017, 01:35:48 AM 
Started by Helvetios - Last post by Helvetios

I'm not sure if anybody else is experiencing this issue, as nobody I've spoken to has experienced it. I'm getting timed out every time I'm on TK. I can sign in, linger for about 30 seconds then everything freezes. I've gone through all my Command Prompt know-how routes to refresh my IP, DNS flush, etc. I've cleared caches, Firewall exemptions, tried alternate browsers. To no avail. Mobile works fine, yet this issue has persisted and I'm curious if anybody has found any resolutions; of if I'm just shit out of luck.

 on: April 10, 2017, 11:40:18 AM 
Started by 1337 - Last post by Dr. Javi
oh. why do you hate it?

 on: April 09, 2017, 06:00:36 AM 
Started by Cindra - Last post by Cindra
Not entirely sure where else to put it and no mods currently online.
To my knowledge The-Dog had at some point received a perma ban not too long ago. However apparently is evading:

 on: April 07, 2017, 09:30:42 AM 
Started by 1337 - Last post by Rom Spaceknight
dexter was a really good and interesting show for like 2 seasons

I actually really hate Dexter, i just thought that gif said what I needed to say about this shit thread.

 on: April 04, 2017, 12:32:39 PM 
Started by 1337 - Last post by Dr. Javi
dexter was a really good and interesting show for like 2 seasons

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