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Author Topic: Mage 2015 (10/4. Status update)  (Read 5966 times)


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Mage 2015 (10/4. Status update)
« on: May 11, 2015, 07:35:22 AM »


Hopefully more readable formatting.

General Campaign Details

UpdatedCurrent State: Despair not. My secret official deadline has generally been mid-november. I'ma brute force you goats together (by which I mean I'll pitch stuff out once I get the general gathering idea down), review everything I did with a fresher perspective, and work out exactly how I wanna handle this overly ambitious thing. Only missing sheets and general character profiles from two peoples. If pre-games happen, they'll probbly be somewhere within the next few weeks.

Campaign Directions:

1. Cabal focused: character goals, development, and interactions.
2. Major campaign events to take part in, shape and resolve. AKA "plotlines."
3. Open world exploration/adventuring.

Campaign Elements: Investigation and a bit of puzzle solving, moderate amount of combat, enough drama to hopefully have worthwhile/interesting/PC motivating story events, and hopefully enough novelty to evoke curiosity.

Tone: Mid-way between silly and serious. I don't think it's possible for me to not throw somewhat silly shit into a game, but I'm not going for any blatant off-the-wall zaniness.
Nature: Much like I originally intended, I'm handling this by detailing a number of major power players whose interactions will have a definitive impact on the setting, and doing what I can to ensure the PCs are granted the ability to determine how things resolve. This is combined with the interests of the PCs themselves, to generate a high chance that they'll play into those events. That said, Mage is a game that very much works best by being fluid and going with the PCs and what they choose, rather than trying to keep them steered towards specific events. Because of that, they are absolutely still free to explore, experiment, and pursue personal interests (ideally with the rest of the group as support!). I'll do what I can to make it interesting.


Setting: Modern Mage oWoD. The Reckoning and Week of Nightmares--crazy avatar storm, end of ascension war, fall of Horizon, etcetera--never happened. The Traditions aren't quite on par with the Technocratic Union in earthly resources or integrity, but reality isn't unwinnable. Zones still exist where consensus favors other visions of reality, and magick as such is still alive.

I've found some numbers I like more. Without divulging too much I can probably still say that the average modern Tradition boasts about 1300 members. Differences aren't too large between them, but the Hermetics, Choristers and Dreamspeakers are generally known to have the largest populations. There are around 10,000 Traditionalists overall. The majority are near Disciple rank.
-PCs remain above average; 3 dots in a sphere or even 2 in a few distinguishes someone as a capable magus, with good potential, a good destiny, a decent amount of experience, or a combination thereof.
-I'm screwing with vampires and fera to definitively work them out cosmologically. Something you should know, if you decide to have some ties to them.

Setting: Days in the Life

Providing an idea of what it's like in-setting; general knowledge and expectations people have; what they know, what relations are like with various groups, what can be gotten away with.

Shapeshifting relations: While in default oWoD the Fera, particularly garou, are very suspicious of Mages and keep them at many limbs' length (with a fair risk of hostilities), that isn't so much the case in my iteration. Generally speaking both still know almost just as little about one-another, but a good amount of that aggression is replaced with curiosity. As long as an Awakened knocks and maintains a reasonable degree of consideration and politeness, he can probably hit up some fera for a chat. Neither side is to expect any favors, but there is no inherent mistrust. Mages who forcibly bind and employ spirits should still probably keep that detail to themselves, though, and they should make their presence and intentions known well ahead of time when approaching a Caern. The Traditions with the best relations and the most knowledge about he shifters are the Dreamspeakers and the Verbena.

Tradition/Mage relations: Generally speaking, members of the crafts and Traditions can rely on one another, affording a basic degree of trust. It might be a ride, a place to sleep, relaying a message, or a bit of change for something to eat. Of course the more one shares in common with a person or a group the more they're likely to receive help and trust, and to greater degrees. Even more competitive members of the Hermetic Order recognize one-another as students of one overarching discipline that share the same noble aspirations, regardless of pride and rivalries. It's not uncommon for mages of the same Tradition to go to lengths for each other that they might for established friends, even if they're mostly strangers.
Chantries of specific Traditions are where the trend often takes an odd turn in the opposite direction; political rivalries between cabals can and do lead to life or death feuds as the groups vie for control of resources and influence, though they are performed in very secretive and subtle fashions lest the entire Tradition--and others--rain down hell upon them for fratricide.

The Technocracy: A fair few will tell you the 'crats are only out for "deviant" blood, recalling a past encounter with pogrom enforcers. Other mages will say that as long as you don't interfere with them and don't go around making vulgar displays, they'll pretty much ignore you. A few even say that there are well-meaning helpful grayfaces, who aren't in denial about what they are and what they do. All of them are right; the Union's a mixed bag. On the whole it's unquestionably best to avoid contact if possible, since you can't never be sure what sort you'll deal with. Void Engineers prove to be the lone exception; the reaches of reality are too dangerous for them to be picky about allies.

Vampires: By and large, mages know less about vampires than just about any other group of supernaturals. Sunlight is banal to them, you can be pretty sure of that, and they do seem to drink that blood, but beyond that it's foggy. Mages have a somewhat interesting relationship with vampires; there's enough distance between the two to foster suspicion and much caution regarding one another, yet at the same time, vampirism is also something mages have had extremely personal experiences with--because some have become them. Pretty much any regular member of the Traditions has heard of the Tremere and their wars with the Hermetic Order they effectively defected from; a rare handful of mages from the period are even thought to still be alive. In any case the Hermetic Order is the place to consult when it comes to the subject of vampires, but the Euthanatos might also know something.

The Nephandi: Remember D.A.R.E.? "Just say no"? Not so great for keeping people off drugs, but pretty damn good for keeping them out of the cauls. Whatever they tell you, offer you, promise you or even try to flat out give you, just don't heed a second of it. Their ranks are full of once overconfident Awakened who thought they could play the infernal game and lost. Are they all yellow-toothed baphomet worshiping sadists that steal lunch money and kick cute animals? A stereotype as dangerous as it is naive. What the more considerate Awakened sometimes suspects, but never says aloud, is that there probably is some chance there are nephandi out there that intentionally and functionally end up doing more good than harm overall (though ironically by probably harming other things that would cause harm). This very acknowledgment is highly dangerous in itself though, as it gives one a propensity to think "she might be that sort I can trust" only to get stabbed in the back when they turn out not to be. The general impossibility of proving trustworthiness and intentions preserves the impossibility of truly knowing whether or not such nephandi exist, or if they are indeed all completely rotten after all.

No, You're Wrong!: Mages aren't technocrats. Generally speaking, they know belief's role in shaping the world. There are those who are adamant in their claims that their interpretations and ideas are the de-facto correct ones, but they aren't the norm. Rather, it's more common for insistent mages to say "no, this way of thinking of it is better because x." Plenty of people recognize that most beliefs are as viable as any others, though it doesn't really make it easier to ignore one's own in practice. What you tangibly feel to be true and real is normally deep-seated.

Player Characters

Character Limitations:
-My general expectation has been that the PCs will of course be members of the same cabal, implying a fair degree of familiarity and typically trust between them. I'm still entirely open as to their meetings and specific relations and so forth.
-No marauders.
-No nephandi, unless the rest of the party would actually be okay with that when they find out (are they one of the hypothesized trustworthy ones?) Because they most likely would get found out eventually.
-I'm pretty dang sure you should be a mage (or at least a Sorcerer), but I'm not saying I can't be won over. The main hindrance is learning and dealing with the other games' mechanics.
-Keep point limits and Background costs in mind when dreaming up that super cool He-Mage-Technocrat-Haters treehouse. However if the characters were all connected in such a way that they might have reasonably pooled their points into something... who knows?
-If no one invests in anything like that, the group can have at least one (kinda' shoddy, but upgradable!) hangout of their own by default with a few acolytes and probably one slightly older/more experienced fellow (if there are no mentors to speak of.) Such a person can act as something of a mentor and help fill in an ability gap the group might have.
-If nothing else campaign circumstances will put the PCs in the same boat anyway, though it won't create any lasting pressure to keep them that way.

Aside from that, I think your options are generally more open than closed. Unusual characters are probably okay; they were grown in a vat, got lost somehow sometime in the 16th century and just sprang up (you'd be surprised how many opportunities there are for that shit), they're part of some weird cult or a Craft, etcetera. As always, you can just ask about your ideas and I'll see how we might pan them out.

-Backstory: Can be as deep as you want it. Before cementing things, just run any big setting stuff by me first; stuff that might deal with the nature of larger default groups in the metaplot or more important individuals, since we need to be on the same page with those things.

-Character detail: I really want to know about your character personally; what drives them, what they fundamentally believe, or other defining traits or characteristics. My being able to do things that relate and matter to them hinges upon it.

-Special role: Although it's particularly fitting for characters with certain traits, anyone interested can contact me about taking a particular role I have. This is not a pre-built character and the limitations are fairly light, but they do certainly affect the character and will involve him/her in the bigger plot elements. Your character would have both advantages and disadvantages from this, mechanically.
Any of the below traits might make someone eligible:
-Some sort of history with the nephandi.

Listing of characters by player, name, and Tradition/group affiliation. Character sheet links available in accordance with player preference/permission.
+ indicates near or full completion of the character. Don't feel pressured or anything. I'm probably still months from completion. Some players are also thinking up alts/secondaries too; never a bad idea.

+Sini/* as Valerie. (Hermetic Order)
-Ix as ... (Hollower)
-Lugh as David Turner (Cultist/Sahajiya)
+Leech as Nathaniel Hayte. (Dreamspeaker)
+Gui as Verner (Verbena)Void Engineer
-Rob as ... (?)
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Re: Mage 2015
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2015, 08:15:54 PM »

You have myaxe punches-into-candy!


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Re: Mage 2015
« Reply #2 on: May 14, 2015, 04:47:17 AM »

Okay I wasn't aware there was a 20k character limit. ...Or that I'd typed in 20k characters. CONTINUING ON.


-Avatar:--You get a free dot in Avatar! You get a free dot in Avatar! One free default starting dot for everyone! Hahahahaha!
-Wonder Spheres: featured on page 65 of the Revised Etherite book, allow a suitably craft/focus oriented mage to buy sphere ranks for half price (or 5 freebie points) that can be used solely for the creation of charms, talismans and artifacts. Awakened who have a magical style that's heavily reliant on technical or intricately fashioned foci (typically Hermetics and the science oriented traditions) are eligible.
-Merits and Flaws: enabled. Moreover, feel free to pull them from whatever Mage book you want. Some are probably questionable and maybe inappropriate; we'll work it out.
-Dot Deconversion: If you want or need to, you can convert character creation dots for specific stats back into freebie points, up to a maximum of 7 additional freebie points, with the exchange rate based on the freebie point cost of the stat in question. Giving up a starting sphere dot would yield the full seven additional freebie points, for instance, since sphere dots cost 7 points.
-Willpower: As some of you already know I've never cared for the Nature/Demeanor system, outside of maybe helping to give players a bit of a starting point with personality. Honestly, I'm really thinking I'll let you all track and manage your own characters' Willpower scores. I honestly don't see why not, though I may occasionally make adjustments myself if I deem an event particularly inspiring or demoralizing. Even then, I expect your judgment would be on par with mine.
-Totem Background: A lot of people on the onyxpath forums were saying they liked the old Totem background a lot more (I have to agree); you can use it instead if you want or need.
-Foci: So M20 has redone the focus system a bit. It still does use them though, requiring at least seven tools. And I'm still waiving it; does it make sense to your character and their worldview? Use it. That said, if you want to keep it simple and just have a particular tool per sphere, I'm not going to tell you no. This is to give you flexibility, not try and make things complicated for you.
-Sacred 27: Your skill points aren't restricted to primary/secondary/tertiary groupings and can be spent however you please. Other restrictions, such as sphere ranking being limited by arete and skills maxing at 3 before freebies, still apply. You just have 15 dots for attributes (which all start with 1 dot, don't forget), 27 for Abilities, and 6 for Spheres.
-Minor Spheres: More focused, but somewhat less experience costly (half normal cost; 5 freebie points during creation), versions of spheres. You take one or two elements of a sphere (say, the teleportation aspect of Correspondence) and can utilize only those. You could pay the rest of the difference later to 'buy off' the whole sphere to access the whole breadth of its effects.


NewMatter: Rank 3 allows imperfect alloying of simple materials. In the same way Life 3 modifications to one's pattern will eventually be rejected by the rest of the organism, the two materials will eventually reject one-another (potentially in dangerous ways). Rank 4 allows safe alloying; steel and glass, for instance, can permanently be fused into a strong transparent substance.
Correspondence: As of Rank 3, you do not need conjunctional pattern spheres to move whole patterns at a distance (man or outhouse-sized). It's possible with small-ish objects at Corr 2 with conjunctional spheres. Teleporting out a dude's heart still requires Corr 3/Life 3--and a nice handful of successes, of course. Independent Corr use like this was already sort of established off-paper by one of the writers, though he required higher ranks of Corr than I'm doing here.
Prime: You may create blasts and simple prime objects out of quintessence at Rank 2, as was the case in Revised.


It's basically universally agreed that M20 has horrendous ability bloat. Save yourself the points by just looking for most of them as specializations of original abilities. A few I will actually retain.

Animal Kinship
Do, probably. 
Archery for sure deserves its own category.
Hypertech is sort of like a weird science-y UMD, so it can stay.
Riding is solid.
Area Knowledge. Sure, could be handy I guess. I don't think I'd make you pay for it though, unless it was a strange or otherworldly place.
Lore. A big handy classic catch-all.

Blatancy > Subterfuge, more or less.
Esoterica > Occult. Basically if your mage knows the real shit, he's probably well aware of the commonly attributed not-so-real bits.
Brawl > Martial Arts. Pick whichever you feel reflects their methods/learning/approach most.
Carousing > Expression.
High Ritual > Occult. Like c'mon.
Flying > Athletics, more or less.
Search > Investigation. Just... why? What?
Seduction > Manipulation + Subterfuge please.
Acrobatics > Athletics, although it is a bit of its own thing. Might go with "Acrobatic" as a low-cost merit or something, used in conjunction with Athletics.
Energy Weapons > Firearms.
Biotech > Science (Biology) more or less.
Jetpack > Hypertech or something. This is kind of justifiable reason-wise, but game-wise? Investing in something for a niche item that will blow up around sleepers?
Torture > If it really comes to that, we'll work it out. If you really want to invest in it (you goddamn weirdo) I guess you can.
Belief Systems > Int + Lore, Occult, Science, or whatever's fitting. It's hard to push into one other ability, but at the same time it seems superfluous.
Cryptography > Enigmas goddamnit.
Demolitions > Technology or a Science knowledge, basically.
Finance > Economics is a social science. Science (Economics). Don't look at me like that!
Media > I'd rather just handle this through other various stats like influence and contacts or something--and roleplaying.
Pharmacopoeia > Medicine, Science (Biochemistry), Herbalism--shit, just about anything else.

Pending Review:

I'm reading about other people's houserulings and seeing some neat ideas, which I'm listing here so I don't forget them and so players can weigh in if they have some thoughts about them. Some of these are also my own adjustments I'm still working out.

Reversed Magic Difficulties
I really like this idea. Vulgar magick would actually be easier to cast while coincidental spells are more difficult. The reasoning is that it should be harder to carefully disguise your workings within the confines of happenstance, while just cutting loose is easier but quite a bit more dangerous. What makes it most appealing to me is that it makes vulgar magick more tempting despite its risks, and rewards more difficult but skillful play by greatly lessening any backlashes. I'd basically be axing vulgar with witnesses, also, leaving just two difficulty categories (Vulgar = Sphere + 3, Coincidental = Sphere + 4).

The Arete Aim Problem
You aim with Arete in M20. Typically speaking Arete pools don't ever get especially high and start off at 3 at most, and when your effect is something detectable by the target there's a fair chance it might not have a hard time avoiding whatever you just threw at it. I've seen some proposals like using Willpower instead. Revised suggested whatever pool seemed appropriate, like Dexterity + Occult for an elemental wand attack or something, which is what I'm leaning towards. I'm not sure what I'll do yet in some cases, but it's not going to just be "pray and roll your 2 Arete, you sorry godforsaken man."

The My-Arete-Kinda-Sucks Problem
I've seen people doing things like using Arete + Avatar for the casting roll, which sort of makes sense since Avatar reflects the strength of, well, your Avatar, and oddly it doesn't normally do much else besides up your Quintessence storage. This is particularly helpful in games where PCs are unlikely to go beyond Arete 5 or 6 to give them a solid working pool. If the Arete pool is expanded, magickal damage will probably generally be one level per success though. Otherwise things will get fried really easily. Avatar's cost will be made similar to Arete's. Btw, if I use this, all characters will start with 1 free dot in Avatar by default. Actually, fuckit--

"Avatar" Essentialness
People also remark about how Avatar seems a bit too fundamental to just be a Background; one solid sounding suggestion was to just ditch it and use Arete to also determine how much Quintessence you can store up. Obviously if it is ditched, the above issue would need to be circumvented in another manner.

The Magick-Gets-Unbalanced Problem
Lower level effects are generally much more worth casting regardless of circumstances, because higher sphere levels create both higher difficulties and require more successes. What I've been thinking generally is that higher ranks require fewer successes to pull off the same stuff a lower rank of the sphere would (which is what Masters of the Art did with some of its Archspheres) and probably do it a bit better, but at the risk of more paradox?

Supernatural Counterspelling is Fuckin' Dumb
As in, non-mage supernaturals can roll like wits + occult, limited by a particular trait, to 'soak' magick, difficulty 6. Mages roll arete, difficulty ...7. Arete's hard to get. There's also the fact that mages should ...probably be better at it and have the lower difficulty, and that they already suffer difficulties and penalties in the form of things like paradox and the sheer fact that they often have more trouble getting their effects to work in the first place. What I'm liable to do is say that perhaps some particular supernaturals have some innate countermagick, but the rest need to know corresponding powers that seem appropriate and make a contested roll.
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Re: Mage 2015
« Reply #3 on: May 17, 2015, 10:22:29 AM »

Looking through my Mage folder. "Huh. 'M20_QS' pdf. The fuck is that?"

Mage 20th Edition Core Rules. Free.

Available since early 2014. In my possession since early 2014. Huh. So that settles a lot of concerns about rule differences. There are no apparent major differences in character creation.


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Re: Mage 2015 (Updated 6/2)
« Reply #4 on: June 05, 2015, 09:50:26 PM »

Yeah, Forces/Matter, probably likes her own muscles a bit too well for her own good. Sort of a neopagan vibe.


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Re: Mage 2015 (Updated 6/11)
« Reply #5 on: June 11, 2015, 07:50:54 AM »

Valerie's Character Sheet: I'm also putting up here that Valerie owns a B&B, the Raven's Rest, in whatever city we're starting off in, if it is a city. I know Bane mentioned a hangout, and the RR B&B is going to be a part of Val no matter what. Nobody needs to chip in any dots for anything unless someone wants to make it a chantry or give it a node or something. Again, if that works for people.
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Re: Mage 2015 (Updated 6/11)
« Reply #6 on: June 13, 2015, 07:48:15 PM »

I'm working on Nathaniel's sheet, slowly. Like a tortoise maybe; snail even. But rest assured, Nathaniel and his pirate boxes shall grace the World of Darkness soon.


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Re: Mage 2015 (2 Updates: 6/23)
« Reply #7 on: June 25, 2015, 06:19:06 PM »

Valerie Hall wears her brunette hair in a bun. She is the sort of person who would ordinarily cut her hair short for ease of wear, but the thought has never crossed  her mind; those sporting short hair in Uldale were servants or slaves. The skin that was once burned and darkened from rustic living has lightened, but she still sports a farmer’s tan from long hours in the garden. Valerie is of average height—or she would have been in, say, 900 AD. Today, at 5’2”, she is short. Valerie is a stereotypical “Brunhilda” on a shorter scale; she is stout, has the shapeless-but-strong arms of a washerwoman, and a bust that leaves her unable to see her feet most of the time.

She dresses like she looks; Valerie owns the Raven’s Rest, an authentic (at least, as authentic as health codes and her own modern sense of cleanliness will allow) Norse bed and breakfast. In such a case, one has to be in character all the time, of course. She never tells people that, but that’s the view they tend to take. But would she really get tattoos of Elder Futhark runes to get attention for her fancy hotel? She even has some tattooed in dark brown across her face over her nose, like Norse war paint. That must have hurt! The rune on her left eyelid... that can’t be a tattoo; it must, must be eyeshadow. Does she really wear the same four or five handmade dresses all the time? What is with all that rune-embossed jewelry? Is... is it legal to carry an ax around on your belt like that, even in a leather sheathe? But any time anyone asks her about it all, she hands them her card and moves on. It must just be advertising.

Verner Brown

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Re: Mage 2015 (Minor Update: 7/14)
« Reply #8 on: July 17, 2015, 09:21:57 PM »

Let's see. The personal file for code DUAL STRING, or at least the bits not blacked out with a sharpie the size of Trump's denial, make Mr Brown as a male in his mid-thirties, though preliminary surveillance showed he looked a bit worse for wear; the man looks like a banker that should have taken a sick day. He's a bit pallid, but well groomed. Shaven, hair what you might call 'military, plus a couple months unchecked' if clean, decent set of casual friday style clothes, and a beaten Hazard 4 'tactical' briefcase, with a laptop, enough cables to be the envy of passing Anasazi, and what seems to be another laptop, disassembled.

The lad stands at 5'8", and looks like just about any post-doc busybody, until he talks. DUAL STRING is clearly not a local. The post-doc bit helps with a cover of fitting in nearly any city sporting a decent Uni. He's been keeping mobile, without fixed address, inserting himself in dorms through manipulation of the rosters or the occasional straight BS. DUAL STRING has been known to vary his travel patterns constantly, and only making large cash withdrawals hours before leaving a particular city. We posit that DUAL STRING has liquidated his bitcoin assets prior to the currency losing a lot of its appeal and trading points, and Mr Brown's ease with computers and with the assistance, forced or not, of wealth spirits; he's not quite hurting for petty cash yet.

In summary, the asset is highly mobile, looks average in almost every way, knows his way equally well around computers and exorcisms, and spent a spectacular amount of time offworld. See the event marked JOVIAL TRANSIENT for details of offworld research and then end of the file may also be of special interest to you.


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Re: Mage 2015 (Minor Update: 7/20. Houserules moved to second post.)
« Reply #9 on: July 28, 2015, 10:14:35 AM »

Super Official M2015 Survey

Can pretty much just reply to this here, though a few are Super Secret questions.

1. What would you most like to do in a game? Between PC events, Story Events and Open World adventuring, there seems to be a leaning towards PC/group focus--on their interactions and individual goals--that would make it a PC/group-centric game. The other two would be almost secondary focuses, and provide additional fuel for interaction in how they deal with things as a group.     

2. What elements are you most interested in? Ex: Investigation/mystery solving, politics (please no) and/or social maneuvering, combat, drama, horror, philosophical, etcetera. This obviously dictates the general nature of the obstacles PCs encounter. Small degrees of all of them are generally inevitable, of course.

3. Already partied, PCs coming together in-game, or an in-between? The cabal formation thing has been up in the air for a while now, but right now the default is actually the cabal forming in-game; circumstances will certainly thrust them into the same situation either way. Having few if any prior ties just gives them more to discover and be surprised by, and I think it fits a chronicle emphasizing PCs. I'm not going to say no if any players want their characters to know each other beforehand though (short profiles using any public character information might help you find relation opportunities without spilling secrets; apparent activities/agendas, organizational alliances/memberships, origin details, etcetera).   

4. PM/Email/Whisper: Core character details. A. What fundamentally drives your character and why is it important to them? B. Related but not necessarily the same, what are their current goals, pursuits or life passions? C. Are there any past complications or events that might still cause them trouble?
Some of you have already answered some of these, so you needn't go into express detail in such cases and a short recap sentence will suffice. If you don't know, mean to wing it or the question otherwise somehow doesn't apply, that's okay.

5. PM/Email/Whisper: Touchy subject matter. Basically the worst subjects that might be encountered in the campaign are human sacrifice and straightforward off-screen torture. Aiming for worse seems to me to just be a desperate attempt to shock or compensation for lack of ability to deliver emotional impact (poorly excused as 'dark realism'). That said if the few elements I listed are things you personally are not comfortable encountering in a game, or if there's anything that just might bother you, let me know.

6. Pre-games: If you'd like to do a solo pre-game--a one shot/mission deal that's most likely an event in your character's past or leading up to their general state of affairs before the main game begins--let me know. It could also serve as a way for any formerly acquainted characters to meet (obviously not a solo game at that point). Takes place via forum PM or Email. I practice ST-ing, you break in a character, and there's no significant risk of any kind.

7. Dinosaurs?

8. Anything else you like to see, add, remark, etcetera?

9. Avatar: A. What form does your character's Avatar take? One might subtly take the form of mystic intuition; another may be an intangible blazing spirit, while yet another could manifest as a physical person or creature. In any case, they allow the character to perform True Magick, and as I generally am the one who gives them their voice, I have to know what form your character's takes. B. A related matter is what form the character's Seekings might take; the quests that, whether physical or otherworldly, challenge the character to overcome their flaws (and also how you raise Arete).

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Re: Mage 2015 (Minor Update: 7/20. Houserules moved to second post.)
« Reply #10 on: August 04, 2015, 10:53:38 PM »

1. What would you most like to do in a game? I'd be most interested in exploring the universe and having interactions between the group.

2. What elements are you most interested in? Cosmic shit, being a wizard,

3. Already partied, PCs coming together in-game, or an in-between? Whatever suits you best. I wouldn't mind my character already knowing some characters, but I don't care if that's not the case.

4. Whispered

5. Whispered

6. Pre-games: I could do that.

7. Dinosaurs?

8. Anything else you like to see, add, remark, etcetera?

9. A. Avatar: B. Whispered


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Re: Mage 2015 (7/28. Survey posted.)
« Reply #11 on: August 04, 2015, 11:37:47 PM »

The kid, looking like he's unstuck in time wearing a wrinkled old leather jacket and a faded band shirt for some prog band that had a career that ended before he was born, laughs.

"You wanna know who I am? My name's David Turner, and I just dropped out. I don't want to tell my parents. I'm not gonna tell my parents. I'm never going home again. See, I'm a wizard. No, no bullshit. I can bend time and space and all that shit. So what does that mean? It means all the garbage you all worry about? Paying your taxes and your bills and making sure you got the groceries and shovel your driveway? It doesn't matter to me. I can do whatever I want, and no one can stop me. I'm living for the future, man. I'm living IN the future. So fuck off out of my face, and I mean it."

The bouncer makes a face like he can't wait to beat the shit out of this crazy snotnosed punk in front of him.
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Re: Mage 2015 (7/28. Survey posted.)
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He claims a variety of names, but seems to like Raoul Kemp. Who he actually is...well, that's nebulous. There's records of him, under a different name, from before he entered the mental institution, but they just don't seem to match him; maybe they did once, but he's lost some weight and really let himself go, going by the pictures attached. From them, he used to be a handsome-looking guy, on the big end of 'athletic.' Papers say he used to be an amateur boxer, light heavyweight.

Now? Body fat at the lower end of alive makes him look stronger than he really is, but at least he's actually of average strength. Auburn hair gets buzzed to the scalp whenever he gets around to it, and maybe gets combed back until then, on a good day, with some wet fingers. Perpetual five o'clock shadow. Teeth stained yellow from too much coffee. He doesn't stink, so he at least probably showers or bathes.
Mostly, he dresses in dress shirts (sleeves rolled up to the elbows), sweat pants, and slippers, with funny-patterned toe-socks, and a pair of cheap sunglasses somewhere on his head. Obviously he does most meetings via Skypelikes.
As for the boxing? Yeah, he doesn't seem like he'd have half a clue what to do with the gloves, let alone the footwork.

9: Told you what his Avatar is in-chat, and what the Seekings are likely to be.
10: His paradigm is best summed up as...shithouse rat pseudophilosophy.
If asked, he explains his schtick as, in essence:
"Somewhere out there, there's someone for whom solipsism is right - we, the world, everything, only exists in their head. So, really, all I have to do is convince the 'other' them, the real one, that whatever I'm trying to do is a thing that should work, and they'll make it so, because our world is a figment of their imagination. The hard part is keeping them from changing their minds. Got to keep it interesting. And not kill 'em. I'm not even sure how that kind of metaphysical transfer shit would work."
No wonder he was in an asylum.

Also, if anyone wants their character to know this guy pre-game (like, as a pre-established acquaintance-ing, that's a term now), just let me know.


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Re: Mage 2015 (7/28. Survey posted.)
« Reply #13 on: August 06, 2015, 03:21:42 AM »


Mystery/investigation and combat won out as the general means of advancement/resolution. I'un think anyone's surprised.
I can just as well let slip how some of it's going to work, since it's just piecing together stuff I already mentioned. The PCs are uniquely privy to something + the fact that they're going/can go somewhere = they're unique in being able to go there; they'll be able to follow trails no one else can, and address opposition that evades others.

Some were indifferent to being already partied, but some also preferred that there already be connections/that the group already be largely formed, so I'm gonna go with most of them already being acquainted or on familiar terms. I'm still not actually sure how to set that up; some combination of you all pinging with each other a bit and me helping based on what I know. I can propose one thing right off: there is one extant significant commonality literally half the group has, and it's that in one form or another they've already been to or come from somewhere else that wasn't normal everyday reality. Reaching out about those events for information is a pretty straightforward way for them to have ended up acquainted one way or another. From there it's pretty easy to say a b and c were affiliated with x y and z.

Anyhow, once I get the rest of the char sheets and the social relations are basically worked out, I'll crunch on hooking it into everything else (punctuated by pre-games) and then it'll pretty much be go-time.


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