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Author Topic: Familiar told me to.  (Read 26378 times)


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Re: Familiar told me to.
« Reply #90 on: August 12, 2015, 09:15:08 PM »

This has become unfortunate.

1. No permabans are going to be lifted by this, to be certain. If anything it's reinforcing the perception to keep those banned, gone.

2. No one knows what would happen if any one user was banned from TK, but most likely, they'd end up here on the forums, upset.

3. RP 101 Don't like a person, don't interact with the person. I don't like Zeke, I don't interact with him, is he a pedophile or not? I'm not in a position of power to know.

4. It is criminal in the United States to harbinger a Pedophile.

5. Is TK doing 4? unproven by the two corresponding threads.

1. Yeah, I'm really not trying to get Cherry unbanned as much as have them show the proof why.
2. Yup
3. He can still harass others.
4. Yup, and that's been warned to the site.
5. It's actually proven enough that action should be taken, and if they claim they can't on that, other evidence has been given that CAN be.

It's honestly fairly simple.

This situation has turned into something larger than a simplistic ban appeal. Its scale is so great that the site has the potential to be compromised if no action is taken.
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