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Author Topic: Misplaced Password Assistance?  (Read 1368 times)


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Misplaced Password Assistance?
« on: September 06, 2016, 06:47:46 PM »

So I rarely use the forums. In fact, I think I've never even signed up in damn near a decade of using The Keep / Cyberchat! So I'll just ask here.
I keep a physical booklet of passwords for...well, for everything. Including The Keep characters. During a recent move it seems this booklet has been misplaced. Normally changing passwords is simple, but of course this site seems to do things by its own standards.
This isn't a massive deal as I only really keep up with two characters anymore due to the slow but steady hemorrhage of my friends from TK, and the horribly unfortunate shutdown of Cybcerchat, but I could still use some assistance in regards to resetting or retrieving my passwords for the two characters I do use.

Please and thank you, and of course good work for all the time and resources these sites no doubt absorb!