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Author Topic: Belough (Paranormal Modern[?] RP)  (Read 893 times)


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Belough (Paranormal Modern[?] RP)
« on: November 07, 2016, 05:02:41 PM »

One who wakes bathed in the glow of jaundiced streetlamps and endless night will have no recollection as to why or how. Some laws of cause and effect in any existence have no exceptions, and never will.


While the setting does have it's own mechanics, history and secrets, it is still free-form at it's core, with the participants ultimately deciding their own fate. Any non-godlike character from any sort of setting will be welcomed, however moderator abilities will be used if necessary.


One's initial impression of the large town, not quite a city,

would be one of impenetrable gloom. Sickly yellow streetlamps and dingy, iron-

barred storefronts did nothing to break the perpetual midnight that seemed to

blanket the small metro in an almost ethereal smog. To the unfortunate wanderer

who happened upon the place in a hellish fit of amnesia, it would seem the only

hospitable stops were around the several blocks of the downtown area,

consisting of tenements and several high-rises thrusting upward into the dead,

ever-dreary sky, none boasting more than a couple-dozen floors. Two bars

offered some escape from the infinite night: the Tower, a high-end cocktail

lounge situated on the ground floor of one of the rises, and Jezebel's Tit, a

pub skirting the edge of downtown. A couple of hotels, stores and restaurants

rounded off the nowhere named Belough... save enough paranormal activity to

warrant serious caution. Expect anything, question everything.


~|||~          Belough appears indiscriminately from early afternoon to very late night PST (West Coast)          ~|||~


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