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Author Topic: Star Wars Chronicles  (Read 989 times)


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Star Wars Chronicles
« on: March 29, 2017, 03:25:57 PM »

A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away, a war burns like a raging inferno. The so called Imperial Empire is growing in power, gathering resources and amassing planets. Using their political power, along with fear and propaganda, they have found a strong foothold in the Doldur Sector of the Inner Rim.. Their plans are to conquer Republic space and create an unstoppable juggernaut to bend the Galaxy to their whim and control all. Every day more join them, fed up with the Republic's inaction, the grip it has on the Galaxy and it's petty political squabbles. The Empire seeks to eradicate the ruling body and establish a much more focused and capable force to guide the Galaxy into a more productive age.

Meanwhile, the Republic stands as strong as ever. They control the majority of the Deep Core and Core Worlds. Their military might, along with ever-high morale keep the Republic quite firm. It stands as a shining light of hope in these dark times. Along with the Republic's wealth and power, there exists the Jedi Order. Although only numbering a few, the Jedi is a growing faction that the Republic barely tolerates, but does not support. Relations between the two are tenious at best and there is much mistrust toward the Order on the Republic's part. The Jedi's secretive and controversial ways has not won them many supporters either. The Republic does not like to work with them, with some in the Senate seeking to have the Order shut down and it's members arrested. Many protests occur outside the small Temple on Coruscant and some are even violent towards the Jedi. It's funding is low and it lacks the power to have any real say on events that transpire. Yet it persists, always hoping to help the Republic in matters from diplomacy to warfare, intending only to keep the citizens safe and protected, and keep those who would hurt and kill, at bay.

Waiting on the Outer Rim however, are three Sith Factions. Each believes it is the heir to the one true empire, but none have the proof to back up their claims. A war is brewing among these factions and blood is likely to be spilled in the cause of establishing the true Sith Lord. But someone in the shadows may soon come forward to unite the Sith under a single banner once more...

[This is an Alternate Universe RP set several hundred years before Episode 1]