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Author Topic: I WILL FIGHT YOU!! WE CAN DUKE IT OUT! Or Will You....REST !IN!PEACE!!!  (Read 993 times)


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Yes. A wrasslin' rp. It's time, oh it's time!! It's real, it's damn real! And that's the bottom line cause Stone Cold Said SO! What?! Can you smell what the Diver is cooking ? Or can you not see me? The cream of the crop will rise to the top when you get the rocket fuel for the rocket ships !  Who's interested?

Actually, speaking of interest, I think it would be more so with original wrestler , refs, announcers and managers than having fifteen Undertaker and eleventyseven AJ Styleses running around.

I wonder what kind of system would work for determining success of holds and moves and such, or would it be better off just free form and screaming at people over the interwebs when we disagree and they don't let us win every match?
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