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Author Topic: Video Games from NPC Persepective  (Read 2149 times)


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Video Games from NPC Persepective
« on: July 07, 2014, 06:52:48 AM »

I've been working at the Daycare for several years now and I truly love it; it's the first job I've had where it really feels like I'm doing something to contribute to the world. Each day people bring their Pokemon for drop off in morning before their commute to work, kissing them goodbye, and then pick them up in the evening on the way home, most often with more kisses. I like to share with each trainer how their Pokemon's day was, what the Pokemon spent doing. It seems to make them happy, me happy, and most importantly, the Pokemon happy.

Lately there's this kid, though. It started the day they dropped off their Ditto. This Ditto was kindly, a bit shy, and it seemed to struggle a bit with getting along with the other Pokemon but it kept trying anyway. And then came their Slurpuff. Of course we accepted them without question; nothing struck me as particularly unusual about the trainer. He hopped on his bike and peddled off and I thought nothing of it... until a half hour or so later when there he is again. And gone again. And back again. He was spending the entire day riding up and down the same route endlessly, tirelessly. Must be very athletic.

Odd, but still I thought nothing of it, really. Maybe he's a cycling enthusiast? We had some of those, but they mostly stuck around Cyllage City. Anyway, I forgot all about that when I realized his Slurpuff and Ditto had cozied up in a corner and, hidden behind the Slurpuff's air-whipped folds, I discovered an Egg. I carefully wrapped the Egg and ran outside, waiting for the cyclist to make his trip back to the daycare so I could deliver the good news. Who wouldn't be delighted at the arrival of a sweet new Pokemon? When he finally returned from his lap I approached him and excitedly showed him the Egg. Without a word he looked at it, took it from me, and off he went again on his bicycle. I won't lie, I was a bit disappointed. Shouldn't he be more excited? Oh well, I thought. Some people just don't show their excitement as openly, maybe?

And then he came cycling back. And forth. And back. And forth. By this time I believe he had been cycling for a couple of days straight; never bothering to pick up his Pokemon or even check on the poor Ditto and Slurpuff. Couldn't he keep them in their PokeBall? They seemed somewhat distressed; they hadn't been home or with their trainer for some time now. It was then that I realized the Egg had hatched. He rolled to a stop in front of the daycare and examined his newly-hatched Pokemon.

I think I heared him grumble, "Ugh, Lax nature." He stood and immediately released the poor baby Swirlix! Why would he do that? How could he do that? Abandoning the Pokemon like it meant nothing, just because of it's attitude? It wasn't that bad, most people found lax Pokemon to be very pleasant! But he approached me, staring. He knew. Somehow he knew I'd found another Egg. He took the Egg without a word while I watched the baby Swirlix stare after him, watching long after the dust he'd disappeared down the route.

This has been going on for a week now. I'm torn. It's a constant cycle of breeding and releasing without a care in the world for these poor creatures. Should I call someone? Do we even have some sort of Pokemon Protective Services in Kalos? I had never thought about it before; I never had to. And so all I can do is watch. And wait. And sigh, and try to find homes for these baby Pokemon. He never takes his Ditto with him, but he sometimes leaves other Pokemon with it, often for weeks or months at a time. And there is nothing I can do but hand the Eggs over, every day or so. They are technically his, after all, and I can't tell a trainer how to raise their Pokemon. But he's made me bitter towards the world where before there was nothing but a deep and profoundly innocent love of Pokemon.

Anyway, I have to get back to tending the Pokemon, including these Eggs. Sorry, I just had to vent.


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Re: Video Games from NPC Persepective
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2014, 12:35:37 PM »

Hey uh... One of the guys in my squad found this goofy dictaphone thing in an office we cleared just a few minutes ago. They all had a good laugh at it and well, it's got power and everything, and well, they passed it to me since I apparently "am the guy who likes all this dumb retro shit"... They had a good laugh at that too. Fuck it, why do I care? I just happen to find old hardware interesting. I mean here we are in the 21st century with all kinds of crazy hardware these days, nano-machines and all that, and everyone forgets the sort of stuff that came before; things like walkmans and all that... I mean granted I didn't grow up with a lot of it, but my grandpa had tons of that stuff in his house. He used to show me it and I got really interested in that sort of thing. I never had the brains to go into some sort of engineering career though, which disappointed me, but I still like that stuff because it's history, man, you know? We shouldn't just forget that stuff!

...So uh... anyway, we've been on this oil rig or whatever for hours now, and I've been getting a little bored patrolling just this one section on my own. Nobody else really comes back here, and my orders are, and I shit you not, "walk up and down this room until trouble occurs, then shoot anybody who isn't one of us and raise the alarm". What kind of shitty order is that? There's another guy from my squad in the next room over, but here I am walking back and forth just infront of this lounge area. I'm not allowed to take a break or anything until I'm relieved and relief hasn't come in four hours now. Our CO is really paranoid about something, something about the President or whatever. I don't even care. I'm bored and I'm all alone and I'm hungry and all I have is this stupid dictaphone, so, fuck it. I'm going to use it until the batteries run out, a testament to the bullshit I have to put up with.

You know when I took this job I was promised I'd be fighting for my country. THEN it turns out I'm being shipped off for some kind of "Preemptive Action". I don't ask questions, that's precisely the opposite of what I get paid to do. Turns out though I'm on the wrong side or some shit? And we've basically kidnapped the President on this oil rig and taken it over for... God I don't even fucking know why. I thought I'd at least see some action but I didn't even get to shoot anybody and I'm on the wrong side and... Jesus christ, I shoulda just slipped away or something but it's too late now. I'm here on a goddamn oilrig and I can't go anywhere and if I try to desert I'll get shot... This is not my goddamn day. It really isn't.

I'm probably going to get shot by whoever it is before I even manage to pull the trigger and I'll fucking die here on this fucking Oil Rig. Sally, if you get this, and I'm dead, you were goddamn right, I should never have joined the military. Fuck it, if someone comes in and tries to get past me they can go right on by. Hell, I'll even have a drink with them. If they're here to rescue the president, then they can goddamn have him. I don't even care an-... what the?... where did this Box come from??... What the heck is underneath thi-HOLY SH-

[There's a sound of some kind of air-powered dart being fired, a yelp of pain from the solider, the dictaphone clattering to the floor and the slumping of a body to the ground, followed by loud snoring... Someone moves over, there's the sound of a body being dragged, and pockets being rifled through, before the mysterious assailant moves away... faintly, the soldier's snores can be heard continuing before the recording cuts as the tape runs out...]

Darth Ragerade

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Re: Video Games from NPC Persepective
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2014, 02:08:16 PM »

You know Iím a beat cop. Been doing it for a few years now. And my training officer and I use to do our patrol. We worked in the North area of Gotham City and handled the trash. My partner was an old timer, early 50ís, and he remembered how it use to be in the days of the Falcones and the Maronis and when it was just the mob. But now? Now itís a freak show in Gotham City. All because of one lunatic that, instead of targeting innocent people, targets bad people. Heís like that guy from that show with the serial killer and the plastic wrap. He doesn't hurt innocent people. But heís allowed to do whatever he wants because him and the Commissioner are tight.

Itís one big circle jerk for super heroes in this world. Now I've done my fair share of arrests. Donít get me wrong. I remember when I started out as a police officer that I felt like I was going to clean up Gotham one crook at a time. Boy was I wrong. These criminals all need a good shooting to the head. And thatís where the problems arise. There have been many arrests over the years that could have ended with a simple shooting.

But then the Batman swoops in to save the day.

He comes in with his stupid black cape and uniform and he drop kicks or throws those boomerang things of his with perfect accuracy while heís also punching some crook whose eating chocolate ice cream. While every other cop just suddenly becomes a storm trooper and canít shoot straight at a guy who dresses up like a clown. And I mean a ďsuper villainĒ who ďonly Batman can take on and investigateĒ.

Now hereís the thing. Iím pro-life all the way. I think good people deserve to live. But with the amount of arrests for the same fucking perps Iíve had to make instead of shooting them? Yeah. Thatís bullshit. At this point I can name most members of super villainís crews than I can my own wifeís family just because of how many times Batman has taken out the criminals and Iíve been there to make an arrest.

Hereís another time I recall. My buddy John from S.W.A.T. was a sniper and was positioned on a rooftop overlooking a hostage situation taking place at the Second National Gotham Bank. Two-Face had people down in a bank while holding a .22 in the air and his goons who were inside the vault breaking inside. There was like two guys already dead because fuck Harvey Dent and his obsession with the number two. It was a simple shot. All John had to do was pull the trigger.

Right when he pulls the trigger to end Two-Face suddenly Batman swoops down, drop kicks Two-Face to the ground, swats the gun away, and then takes out the goons from inside the vault. The hostages were mighty thankful of course. We all were.

Until next week when Two-Face killed four doctors, broke out of Arkham freeing a ton of ďpatientsĒ, and then running some poor old man who couldnít get out of the road in time.

Now hereís another thing about these super villains. Most of them get locked up in Arkham Asylum. We citizens of Gotham City have to pay tax payerís money to make sure those nutjobs are fed and get ďthe help they needĒ so that they ďcan become model citizens in Gotham.Ē Itís a load of garbage. So many citizens are overwhelmed by the fact that the monsters keep coming out and that the police canít seem to stop them.

Most of those bastards could have been dead if it wasnít for the Batman.

Now look. Batman does do his fair share of damage to these freaks. He usually knocks them out and gives them a few bruises. But sometimes heís gone to far. SometimesÖ..heís hurt them to the point of putting them in a coma.

Mike over from South district remembered one time he stumbled upon a big gang fight. No Robin or Batgirl around. Just Batman brutalizing these gang members in the worst way you can imagine. Now Mike? Heís a good cop. God bless him for the amount of times heís had my back when weíve had a situation from North to South. And he doesnít sympathize well with criminals he arrests.

Mike was in disbelief. These gang members were doing everything they could to not go down. They had knives and even a gun or two. But Batman just broke wrists, arms, legs, kneecaps, and whatever you could think of. The guy knows anatomy and how to make someone hurt. And he made them hurt. Mike tried to stop him but Batman just grabbed one of the kids, cause címon these were just young gang bangers, and whispered ďWeíre going to talk.Ē Then he pulled out one of those grappling hook gun things and went to some rooftop with the gang member. By the time Mike got more patrolmen to arrest these punks, they had found this gang member wrapped up in that grappling hook line hung upside down on a lamp post with shit in his pants. The kid was crying for his mommy.

Eventually Mike got it out of him that Batman had held him over a ledge and kept dropping him several stories and then bringing him back up so that they could chat. We heard about this interrogation tactic before but it was still hard to believe. With the amount of force needed and the line over a manís ankle, if Batman isnít careful he might cause a neck to snap from the whiplash.

Hell that alone makes me start thinking of all the supposed suicides the GCPD has come across over the years. Maybe Batman has fucked up interrogating and just left the bodies somewhere so that it passes off as suicides. I donít know. Itís hard to accuse him on that. But it could happen if he isnít careful.

And thatís my point. He isnít careful. And we as a society allow it. The Police Commissioner allows this nutball to do what he wants in our city. This guy brutalizes people and thinks he has the God given right to do whatever he wants.

Iím just saying. Batman isnít the solution. Heís part of the problem. If heíd let us get rid of some of the trash instead of rolling in like he always does to steal the show, Gotham might have been safe a long time ago. I canít count the number of times weíve had a sniper on the Joker and then Batman has to have his little ďfight to the death but not really death because he doesnít kill and if he does then heís a monsterĒ moment with the Joker every six months. Itís horrendous. And the clown fucking knows it. I mean hell he took over Arkham Asylum and made sure no cops could get there JUST to take Batman on. Itís disgusting. Really. And of course Batman goes in alone with no back up either.

It happened another time to. A good portion of Gotham was taken up as ďArkham CityĒ where we put all the criminals and nutjobs. It sounded like a soundproof plan. But of course things always go wrong. I even heard that Batman had called in backup this time. Some people reported seeing that Cat-broad or even Nightwing or Robin in the city while shit was going down.

And now we come to the next problem with Batman. He has sidekicks.

People always say Batman works alone but thatís a load of bullshit. There has been like a ton of Robins. And there was one Batgirl I think. Or maybe two or three. I donít know. Itís hard to catch a pic but the first one definitely had red hair. I tried to tell the Commissioner about it once but he wouldnít hear it. Got all flustered when I brought it up.

Now see hereís the problem. The first Robin was ten years old. Ten. Years. Old. The others didnít even have facial hair. The first Batgirl was a teenager to by the looks of her.

And heís always got them dressed up in tight uniforms. Makes me suspicious of what they do when they arenít fighting crime. But I don't want to go down that train of thought.

I once made the complaint to my C.O. about the Bat. Even to the Union. We let a psychopathic guy in a bat-suit take kids off the street and turn them into soldiers. I mean címon! What the hell? Is this Africa? One of these days those kids are gonna be killed on the job. And itís going to be the Batís fault for getting some kid killed. And every death that happens because he wonít let a cop kill one of those freaks up at Arkham in a firefight is on him to. But the Unions wonít do anything about it. Because the Bat is the Commissionerís pal. Yeah. Wait till the Mayor decides to cut police funds down because HE likes the Bat more than the actual cops. Already heard it might go down like that from Joe in Accounting. Then theyíll all be whining. And a lot of good men are gonna lose their damn jobs because of one nut who thinks heís above the law. No. Not even above. That he IS the law in Gotham. Hell I heard one time he went to the White House with a ton of super heroes to IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! Just because it was Lex Luthor. Donít get me wrong. Something needed to be handled about Luthor maybe. But super heroes have no jurisdiction. They have no government power. They arenít the Senate. I mean come fucking on. Let someone with actual government power do that.

So in conclusion Iíve covered that the Batman is the reason that super villains exist, that heís far to brutal and takes to many risks, and that he employs child soldiers willingly in his war on crime. He also is the reason for so many economy problems in Gotham. Tax money going to Arkham and Blackgate. Money probably soon to be cut from the police force if the Mayor fancies the cape and cowl more than the uniform and badge. And life is just hard for any person in Gotham who isnít on the up and up in high society like that shmuck Wayne.

Fuck this man. Fuck this life. Batman can just take over the police department if he wants. Iím done. I already put my transfer in to my Sergeant. Iím moving to Metropolis. Hopefully itís more sunny like Iíve heard. And itíll be a good place for me and my wife to start our family. What could go wrong right? And if that doesn't work out I'll go to Star City or somewhere else. Hell maybe New York. I heard they need good men up there. Better than being in this town where weíre likely to have a clown gas us up or a nut in a bat suit brutalize me if he even suspects Iím corrupt. Maybe Iíll actually feel like Iíll make a damn difference on the streets there than in this shithole. Goodbye Gotham. I hope it burns to the ground. Damn shitpot.


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Re: Video Games from NPC Persepective
« Reply #3 on: August 04, 2014, 12:36:33 PM »

I'm loving these, hahahhahaa.

Two thumbs up.


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