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Author Topic: Soul Calibur: A New Age RP is now recruiting!  (Read 604 times)

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« on: July 30, 2009, 06:57:28 AM »

The year is 1626. It has been 35 years since the last battle for the Soul Edge. The world is much different now. Seeds of the "new world" are beginning to grow in North America and legends of the Soul Edge and Soul Calibur are beginning to spread in the new territories, even to the Native Americans. Much has happened since the previous battles...below is an outline of what exactly has happened to the original souls who battled for the Soul Edge and Soul Calibur in the past 35 years.

Amy Sorel - After Raphael's disapearance, she was left alone to continue building their "own world", hoping for his return. Now, at 49 years old, she has long abandoned her "own world", however, she is still on the lookout for Raphael and has been ever since Raphael disappeared, hoping to see her father again.

Astaroth - Serving as Nightmare's retainer for too long, Astaroth rose up and destroyed Nightmare, claiming Soul Edge for himself. The blade's power only strengthened Astaroth's natural power to almost God-like levels. He now carves bloody war-paths wherever he goes.

Cassandra Alexandra - In 1595, Cassandra found Nightmare slaughtering people in Anatolia during the Jelali Revolts. Cassandra interfered and fought Nightmare valiantly. However, she met her demise when a nearby flaming building collapsed on top of her.

Cervantes de Leon - The Dread Pirate Cervantes continued to seek the Soul Edge that he once wielded. Knowing that someone had been following him for quite sometime, he anticipated an ambush...but he did not expect it to be his daughter, Ivy. She laid his spirit to rest.

Hildegard Von Krone - Hilde swore she would protect her kingdom from the influence of Soul Edge after her father died. She now rules her kingdom, fairly and just. She has also kept her promise to protect Wolfkrone Kingdom with her massive and well-trained army.

Isabella Valentine - After severing her bond to Soul Edge, she swore that she would destroy the evil blade. Shortly after reluctantly laying Cervantes' soul to rest, she found herself on the trail, following after Nightmare. However, she was assassinated by Tira before she could act.

Kilik - Kilik and Xianghua abandoned their journey to find the Soul Edge after several years away from home and gaining no leads to the whereabouts of the blade. Kilik also abandons Xianghua, simply disappearing...never to be seen or heard of again.

Lizardman - Lizardman, also known as Aeon Calcos, actually posessed the Soul Edge for a brief moment during the fight between Astaroth and Nightmare, hoping that it would return him to his normal form...nothing happened. Enraged, he attacked Astaroth...and was decapitated.

Maxi - Maxi had caught wind that Astaroth was now the posessor of the Soul Edge. Maxi set sail to find Astaroth to finally defeat him. However, Astaroth found Maxi first, plunging Soul Edge through the boat and sinking the vessel, sending Maxi to a watery grave.

Heishiro Mitsurugi - Mitsurugi's soul purpose was to find an opponent worthy of his skills. One night in Jyurakudai, Japan, he was confronted by a familiar face...Setsuka. Their fight in the street was long, matching blow for blow. He was killed by a back-stab from Taki.

Nightmare - Nightmare still was Soul Edge's champion until Astaroth betrayed him. Astaroth simply hacked Nightmare in twain while his back was to him. Soul Edge told Nightmare he was unworthy, and now Astaroth would be its chosen champion.

Raphael Sorel - Raphael began to see the kind of corruption that Soul Edge was beginning to instill upon him...he missed the man he once was. Further more, he saw that he was corrupting Amy. He was unable to stand it...Raphael jumped off a cliff and vanished from sight.

Rock - Rock was beginning to feel the effects of his age in his fighting. He was slowly losing his touch. However, he hunted still for Soul Edge. However, the Battle of the Titans ensued when he challenged Astaroth...and lost. Bangoo is now an orphan...

Seong Mi-na - No one really knows what Seong Mi-na has been doing for the past 35 years, or really where she is now. But, there are rumors that she returned to her home in Jirisan, Korea, and is living out her days in peace at the age of 58.

Setsuka - Followed Mitsurugi back to Japan, where she eventually fought him in Jyurakudai. However, her kill was stolen by Taki, who was quick to disappear. Now that Mitsurugi was dead, she felt she had nothing left, so she faded away in Japan.

Siegfried Schtauffen - After finding Astaroth in control of Soul Edge, Siegfried knew a time of darkness was coming, and that he was not the one to stop it. In his final years, he erected a mausoleum in which he sealed himself in after trusting Zasalamel with the Soul Calibur.

Sophitia Alexandra - Sophitia reached the point where she realized that she needed to be home with her children, assuring their safety there instead of being out to search for Soul Edge. She died at age 60 of natural causes. Her children mourn her passing...

Taki - After giving up her search for the Soul Edge, she set out to start her own Ninja clan. She had realized she never eliminated an old target of hers. So, she set out to kill Mitsurugi once again, this time she was successful. Now her Ninja order carries her memory close.

Talim - She felt the wind upon her skin as it whispered to her that her journey was over. Even though she never found the Soul Edge or Soul Calibur, she returned to the Valley of Winds and became a priestess of the winds. She eventually faded into the winds she worshipped.

Tira - Tira followed Nightmare loyally all the way to the end. After witnessing Nightmare's destruction, she then tried to coax Astaroth to letting her serve him now that he held the Soul Edge. Astaroth was not amused, and quickly dispatched Tira, leaving her to her pet crows.

Voldo - Voldo heard his master, Vercci, call him home. He returned to the Money Pit. Vercci told him to wait there until the Soul Edge came to him. Voldo waited and waited...no one came. Voldo was already in his old age and met his end due to natural causes.

Xianghua - Xianghua followed Kilik until they reached Ostreinsburg, where they found no trace of Soul Edge. While searching the castle, Kilik vanished. She turned her focus onto finding Kilik again to be with him once more. She eventually faded to time and memory.

Yoshimitsu - Yoshimitsu went to the Money Pit to confront Voldo, but found him already dead. So, he took all of Vercci's treasure and wound up donating it to those less fortunate. He became a working class hero. When he died, his statue was erected at the base of Mt. Fuji.

Yun-seong - No one really knows what happened to Yun-seong either. Some say he went back home with Seong Mi-na. Some say he took to the seas and sailed around the world. Some say he went on to continue searching for worthy opponents. His whereabouts are yet to be confirmed.

Zasalamel - Now the wielder of the Soul Calibur, he made a promise to Siegfried before his death. This promise was to retrieve the Soul Edge and forever protect the two blades, keeping their power in balance. Zasalamel is now hunting Astaroth for his head, and the Soul Edge.

Below is a list of characters from the original canon who are available:

Astaroth - Now the wielder of Soul Edge.

Zasalamel - Now the Wielder of Soul Calibur.

Ashlotte - Still hunting Astaroth.

Bangoo - Son of Rock, seeking to exact revenge on Astaroth.

Kamikirimusi - Drawn to the power of the Soul Edge, she seeks to find Astaroth.

Patroklos - Son of Sophitia, seeking to obtain the Soul Calibur.

Pyrrha - Daughter of Sophitia, seeking to destroy the Soul Edge.

Revenant - Still the enforcer to Zasalamel and loyal body guard.

Scheherazade - Seeking to get into contact with the leader of the Wolfkrone kingdom.

Shura - Still alive due to the evil spirit posessing her, she is seeking to obtain Soul Edge.

Saras Khadar (/whois Saras_Khadar)
Akando (/whois Akando)
Raphael Sorel (/whois Raphael_Sorel)


Feel free to e-mail Karn_Hyda@yahoo.com with any questions, comments, or concerns. Please, only constructive messages.
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